L.A.X. and WiFi ?

I just spent time today in L.A.X. Almost all larger ( and many smaller ) airports have WiFi throughout. Some only in some spots. Most in all spots. In L.A.X., I found these pathetic little kiosks that allowed one to log in, but only by plugging in their laptop and using Internet Explorer. This is California, and they screw the Macintosh users?

So, my G.Q. is this. Is there WiFi at L.A.X., and where is it? How did my AirPort card not detect it?


LAX is a big place. I can’t speak for the rest of the airport, but in terminal 7 at the United Red Carpet Club (and nearby areas) you can pick up wireless, T-mobile IIRC.
Don’t recall if it was only IE, and I have no clue about Macs

Actually I would not be surprised to see a large, older, busy airport like LAX (it’s not initials, it’s part of a radio callsign) have partial, fragmentary, incomplete or not-standards-compliant coverage, due to some airlines trying to set up hotspots on their own while the Airport Authority tries to to set up their own or grant one or more franchises to different providers (in turn to then charge for it to the airlines as part of the facilities fee) and now trying to hash out who does what.