L&O Original...little open spoiler

Whose going to replace Alexandra? I wish they would bring Abby Back. She sure could go toe to toe with Arthur!

I think they decided that they can’t live without Serena.

What’s Dick Wolf’s fascination with the name Alex for women, anyway?
There’s an Alex on this show (until last night, at least), there’s an Alex on Criminal Intent, and there used to be an Alex on Special Victims Unit.

Pick up a baby name book and flip past the A’s.

That opening scene from last night’s episode was the most sickening thing I’ve ever seen on this show.

Yeah, I think they were shooting for “extremely harsh” on that one. I told my wife, “So this is going to be a straight scumbag hunt, huh? Could be refreshing.” That was before Borgia got whacked. Course, that was harsh too.

I was watching Gary Sinise get blown up on CSI:NY. Anyone care to do a fast recap?

I was stuck on the tail end of Lost, and I only got over after the credits. Can you recap?

Since the thread title includes a spoiler warning, I’m leaving this naked.

A nanny (or female relative) brings two young girls home to their mom’s apartment. Mom appears at the door in a housecoat, looking extremely dishevelled and distracted. She asks the nanny if she can PLEASE keep the kids for the rest of the day. Nanny says that any other day she’d be glad to; she’s just too busy today. It goes on like this for a bit. The two girls, tired of waiting, dash past their mom into the apartment; out of sight of the door, they enter the dining room and find two people tied to chairs with duct tape over their mouths. A man grabs the girls and covers their mouths before they can scream. The camera tracks back to reveal another man behind the door, holding a gun on the woman talking.

After a cut, we come back to the apartment. The cops are now there. All five people — mom, girls, man and woman — are dead, asphixiated from plastic bags duct-taped over their heads.

I was going to start an “Impeach Jack McCoy” thread, but I guess it can go here. He has gone utterly completely over the line.

Naming a female character Alexandra kind of bugs me, because it strikes me as the writer’s feeble attempt to add an extra layer of toughness to the character by using a first name that is typically shortened to a male-sounding nickname. I like the name when it’s given to real people, however.

Samantha appears to be another popular name to give to female characters so everyone can call them “Sam.” But that doesn’t bother me as much because there are, in my estimation, quite a lot of Samanthas in the real world, so it doesn’t feel so forced. The ratio of fictional Alexandras to real-world Alexandras seems awfully high.

This bugs me, too. Just give them a regular name. We’ll figure out how tough they are.

BTW, can we call this L&O:TOS?

Nitpick - it was a friend, bringing back the woman’s daughter. She had kept her overnight with her own daughter, and just the one woman’s daughter went into the apartment. The other person found dead was a son, who was already there, and the grandmother (along with the mom). Just four dead.
The woman’s husband was the one guy they were questioning, who had made up the fake DEA badges.