V: 2.06 "Siege" (open spoilers)


The Ryan is dead, long live the Kyle. Eli’s dead and left Erica in control of a global army of 5th Columnists. Erica and Jack are inching ever closer to a bed somewhere and Erica’s really out for blood now. And the FBI’s cleared her. It’s almost as if the writing is better getting somehow; I can’t wait to see how the writers screw all of it up. :wink: And if Tyler’s genetic material get’s passed on to the next generation of Visitors they’ll truely get what they deserve. :smiley:

All I can say is: “It’s complicated”.

Hold on… did I miss something? Yeah, I guess he was in the building when it blew, but I didn’t really think Ryan died. He is a V after all. Eli was right by the blast and human, so yeah, he’s dead, but I think we’ll seeing Ryan again. (What would we do without the interminable “My baby’s crying! Bliss her!” “Here you go <bliss> now I have a job for you” scenes?)

I agree, though, the writing seems much improved in the past few episodes, at least sometimes. Erica’s idea to pose as a hostage was actually… quite brilliant. Eli’s speech to her, passing on the mantle of leader… not so much.

It was obvious that Erica’s ex would be a goner the moment they kissed, but good acting from her at least.

Man, I can’t wait for Lisa to lay her eggs in Tyler’s headless corpse, though.

Did Anna leave the door to the dungeon open on purpose, I wonder? Or did Diana have some way to hold it open a bit. Seems sloppy of Anna to walk away with it still open for anyone to find.

I keep getting bothered by OBVIOUS missed opportunities.

As in, you’ve decided Ryan must die. Fine. Kill him. Then, while recording, peel all the human skin off one side of his body. Stick the half-peeled body somewhere and tip off the news media and post the video to the Internet.

I guarantee that will raise more questions about the Vs in the mind of humans than anything else you could say or do.

And why the hell would the FBI declare Erica ‘cleared’ of anything? What the hell was she doing with the Fifth Column when she was supposed to be home with her family? I’d have a zillion questions to ask her…

Eh, a half-skinned lizard wouldn’t do much, and if it did, it would lead to an open shooting war that humanity would certainly lose. People disbelieve reality all the time, I don’t see Anna having too tough a time lying her way through that one.

What bothers me is the massive inconsistencies that pop up. Erica makes a deal with a guy she considers the devil to…get his help disposing of a body? Haven’t we seen spontaneous combustion pills in pretty common use?

And is it just me, or does it seem like everyone has forgotten John May?


For that to work they’d have to do that to a really high profile Visitor (like Anna herself) in public and on live TV. Ryan’s just a random sleeper agent and it’d a simple matter for the Visitors to dismiss whatever videos they put online as a hoax. IIRC in the original miniseries the Resistance was able to partialy skin the High Commander of the Visitor Fleet (Phillip or Martin) on live TV at an event like we saw last episode. The Visitors still managed to dismiss it as a hoax (though it’s questionable how many actually believed them).

I think it was John (the Supreme Commander) that got skinned on live TV in the original. The guy that went on to be George’s boss Mr. Wilhelm on Seinfeld.