LA Dopers: In the area (LAX) 8/18-21. Dinner, anyone?

Hey, LA Dopers. I’m going to be teaching a class near LAX next Monday through Wednesday and was wondering if y’all would like to meet up for dinner one night while I’m there. Monday or Tuesday would be best for me although I suppose Sunday is doable too (I’m flying out right after work Wednesday, so that’s not an option). I’d like to request that, since I’ll have to take a cab (no rental car for me since the class is walking distance from the hotel which is a shuttle ride from the airport), we meet somewhere fairly close to LAX.

Hope some of you can make it. There are lots of LA Dopers I’d like to see again and plenty I’d like to meet.

My only concern is that getting anywhere near LAX is a bear at the best of times…and right around commute time (dinner) is even scarier.

But I’ll keep my eyes on the thread for further info.

I’d be willing to head out a little after rush hour, if that’s what y’all would prefer. I realize this may not be an option for people, though.

Jen and I would like to come down and have dinner! Not sure yet what day it will be, though. I’ll talk to Jen tonight.

Sounds good, Bryan. It would be great to see y’all again. I’m about to head out and don’t know if I’ll be back online before I leave. Check your email for my cell number and we’ll make arrangements that way.

you got it!

I won’t be able to attend :frowning:

Strainger, I can see LAX from my roof. I will be more than willing to go out to dinner. Jen and Bryan, I’m looking at chu for a ride :smiley:

I know some good places 'round and about, I’d be more than willing to show you around to somewhere decent and close.

Don’t you guys go and leave me out… cause if you do! ::shakes fist::

See you in a few days, lets work out the kinks.