La Gusana Ciega...woa

Hey there dopers I have a question for you (as usual)

I was wondering if any of you know a latin group called La Gusana Ciega. I was at my local borders and I gave it a quick listen and LOVED their style of music. Kinda sounds like Third Eye Blind a bit.

Now, I went to use the translator (I don’t speak spanish…and only understand VERY little) and it seems that their name is not translatable (hehe). I want to know what their name means, and how famous are they in latin america, if you were to relate them to a us band, what group would you associate them with?

I hope they’re not a pop band (industry created) because they sound too good for that. They sound musically talented and I enjoy their music very much. If you have ANY info about them, please fill me in…thanx!!


Their name translates as “The blind (female) worm”. Gusana is feminine for gusano(worm). Which sounds strange, as worms are seldom identified by gender (and usually have the masculine article).

I don’t know about them, and haven’t heard their music. If you have a site or place that could tell me more about them, especially if it is in Spanish, I will thank you. Oh, and I will translate what I can from the Spanish site to you.

Oh, just remembered something. Maybe when they come from, gusano/a has another meaning other than worm. I know sometimes it may have the connotation of being a weakling or a scum.

Hey KarlGrenze, thanks for your help in spanish. no hablo espanol…hehe. Anywho, the official site of Lagusanaciega is

and some fan sites (I think) are:

Thanx for your help!! If I could only read spanish…hehe… they sound really good!! even if they’re a blind…female…worm… hehe


I had actually heard of them back home!! Only one song, and I liked them too.

Rock group from Mexico City formed in 1989. They have five albums:

Merlina (1996)
Superbee (1997)
Correspondencia Interna (Inside Mail) (1999)
Lagusanaciega (1999)
Edición Limitada (2001)- This album is apparently in stores in the US…I think you will have to search for it quite a bit. Try the Latin section.

The members of the band:

Daniel Gutiérrez- guitar and voice
Germán Arroyo- drums
Manuel Leyva- bass
Jorge Vilchis- guitar

Lyrics are there, if you want a specific song translated tell me. Otherwise, I will try to crack translating the song I heard.

From the reviews, they seem to give a good show. In fact, one of the quotes in their bio said that people believe they sound better live than in the albums. Also, they apparently are friendly to their fans, willing to sign autographs and such.

If you have American Pie 2 soundrack, they play the song Sunday Fever.

This have the tabs for the songs…you just click on the songs and you are taken to the tabs.

Photo of the band when they went to Los Angeles. The women are fans.

Any more you might want? More specific?


Thanks for your help!!! Now, you said you heard them on the radio, how popular are they…and where are their fan base located at?

I did listen to the latest one uh…the self-titled one and I loved it! (even though I don’t understand it). I especially liked the first song in that album…I dunno about the rest of the album. Do you have any songs you would recommend…if you know them well enough that is.

I really appreciate your help…I had no idea they sang in the American Pie soundtrack until I check my CD again…freaked me out…hehe…thanx again!


I heard them on the radio back home, in the Latin Rock station. They had at least one song that was more or less on rotation. It was “Tornasol (Vuelve a ser)”, which is the song that you liked, and which is in their fourth album (remember they now have another one, available now in the US and Puerto Rico).Here is the page with the videos
That is the video page. Just click on the option Alta calidad (High Quality), or Baja calidad (Low Quality). You must have Quicktime 4 installed to see them, which I don’t have and therefore cannot give a description or tell if it works. So you liked the same I liked, huh? I will try tackling it, but it won’t be a professional translation so it could be a bit off in meaning. Hopefully not much.

Ok, here it is…

Click on the link…(Note, I don’t guarantee the link works if you are using Netscape):

Tornasol (Vuelves a ser)

Hey KarlGrenze

THAT was not the song I was talking about…although that is like my second favorite one now…now that you introduced me to it… the one I was talking about is their self titled album out in 1999 Lagusanaciega. The song I liked called Salvame De Mi (kinda sounds like save me…in english). Thanx for the links to the other song Tornasol…great lyrics by them…:smiley:


“Sálvame de mi”…You are in the right path, it means something like “Save me from myself”.

Sálvame de mí

Ok, enjoy!