LA Times Has Fun With Headlines

Someone is messing with Angels’ pitcher Bartolo Colon. LA Times headline today: Mariners Win a Rare Stinker From Colon

Over the weekend, they had two other Colon-related headlines in a similar vein. “Colon Ill But Victorious” or something like that, and I can’t remember the other one.

The guy is going to have to change his name if this keeps up.

  • snicker *

I like the first one, especially.

Hmmm…if he were injured?
Loss Of Colon Blow To Angels

If a trade were arranged with Texas?
Rangers Give Dickey For Colon

Reminds me of my favorite set of captions ever. The BBC online had an article about people who suffer from a phobia of bridges, accompanied with several pictures of famous bridges. The captions were all along the lines of “OOOOOHHHH NOOOOOO!!!” and “Heeeeeeeeelp!” I was practically in tears from laughter.

Sadly, when I went back to look at it again a few hours later, the captions had been changed. I imagine someone got in trouble for that, but it was hilarious.

I’m unfortunate enough to have the last name of Weiner. (Yes, it’s okay, go ahead and laugh.) When my brother was in high school, our local paper wrote a couple sports articles about him, and both articles made it clear that either nobody was proofreading this stuff, or everyone was in on the joke.

In an article about a basketball game … “The 5’-7” Weiner saw considerable action."

The headline for a baseball story … “Weiner Stands Out On Mound, At Plate.”

Luckily, my whole family has a sense of humor about this. I believe my mom might have those articles framed. :slight_smile:

Bartolo Colon:

“Colon Looks Like a Big Star”
“Colon’s future starry”
“Colon puts heat to Texas”

And don’t forget about the Braves’ pitcher, Colon.

From LA Times:

“Braves’ Colon Has the Upper Hand”

Colon fills hole

A’s into Colon for 8 in hectic evening.

I’m trying to find a cite for my all-time favorite sports headline, but the best I can do right now is tell you that I saw it on Jim Romenesko’s old Media News site.

The newspaper story was about how the Oakland A’s eliminated a weakness in their lineup by trading for Davey Lopes. The headline read, “Lopes plugs A’s hole.”