You’re so Labia!

He’s a MAJOR labia.

it’s all about the labia.

My favorite movie is Lawrence of A Labia

All your labia are belong to…


What the labia is going on here?


Hey all you bi-labia clicks! Shut your labia up!

Hmm, misread the thread title. Here I thought this was about labels…

You’ve got peanut butter in my labia! You’ve got labia in my peanut butter!

Smack my labia up!

[Frank Sinatra]
Luck be a Labia Tonight.

Shoo Bee Doobee Doo
[/Frank Sinatra]

[sarah mclachlan]
Believe me Labia
We are still innocent

[/sarah mclachlan]

lay lady labia

Hey babe, when we head to SoCal howzabout we tour the Labia Tar Pits?

Osama Bin Labia

::sings:: labia, got me on my knees labia…beggin darlin’ please labia…

Labia Madonna, lying on the bed.

Lawrence of A Labia?