Labor Day plans

Well??? Whatcha gonna do? Me? Here’s the scoop!
My girlfriend (remember, I’m married ;)) is coming up from Tennessee. She’s never been in Michigan before so…
Thursday night she gets in about 8:00 p.m. We’re going to drive up to my grandparents in Newaygo County and spend the night there and then drive up to Mackinaw Island on Friday. We’ll visit the island and then beg someone to let us camp somewhere (one-night camping reservations do not exist in Michigan on Labor Day!). Saturday, we’ll get up and drive down the Lake Michigan coast, Cheboygan, Traverse City, the Leelenaw, and end in Manistee. We’ll probably go to Sleeping Bear and maybe a winery near T.C. We’ll camp at Blacksmith Bayou on the Manistee River and then either go to the beach for the day or drive back down to my g-parents to meet my sister and brother-in-law, where my b-i-l will take us for a ride on the Pere Marquette in his river boat (he’s a fishing guide on the side). Monday or late Sunday afternoon, depending, we’ll stop at an outlet store in Grand Rapids to shop and then I’ll send her on her way home. Of course, we’ll probably be imbibing a bit…we don’t ever really get snookered except around each other. I guess we’re a bad influence on each other!! :smiley:
What y’all gonna do? Anyone going to be in upper MI and want to meet for lunch on one day? :smiley:

I say everyone meets at BG’s Thursday night at eight.

I’ll let my husband know you’re coming since I won’t be there! :wink: Smart alek!

Well, my family and I are touring Maryland, with stops in Virginia and Delaware as well. The detailed plans are in the thread (on this forum) titled “V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N”, so I won’t bother rewriting them here.

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I just dipped into my last two vacation days and took friday off…FOUR DAY WEEKEND.

I will probably watch a movie, read a book and screw like a fiend all freekin’ night cause I wont have to get up at 7 A-friggin-M!!!


“Screw you guys…I’m goin’ home!”

I’m with you, Kelli. I’m staying in bed like the lazy pig I am, reading trashy novels and eating bon-bons. I may go so far as to crawl out of bed to feed the cats or turn on the TV, but that will be the full extent of my physical labor on Labor Day.

Labor Day weekend is, by a wide margin, the best weekend to stay in NYC. Essentially everybody who lives here leaves and tourism is light. A perfect time to eat at restaurants that usually book weeks in advance, go to the museums where one doesn’t have member privileges, catch a Broadway show (if you can live with understudies), etc. So:
Van Courtlandt golf course
The Cloisters and MOMA

Livin’ on Tums, Vitamin E and Rogaine

well my labor day plans are going to Consist of Brian (satan) flying into Detroit Friday night where I will pick him up. Firday we will take it easy. then sat we are going to head out to the Michigan Renaissance Festival. and Sun I think we are maybe going to go to a concert. all I know is it will be GREAT to see him. Hope you all have a great and safe holiday!

As I have done for the past 17 years, I will be working at the Jerry Lewis Telethon, at the Genesee Valley Mall, in Flint. I got involved in this through my grandfather, who was a local newscaster for a million years, and hosted the Flint portion of the show. I don’t do much, really, but it’s a fun place to be, and the TV5 crew is a lot of fun. Besides, I can spend the time between local cut-ins shopping… :wink:

My family and I all get together during every labor day, memorial day, etc. in a local park. We fry up 50 lbs of bacon (I am not kidding) and bring various breakfast foods. You’re not allowed to have alcohol in the park, so it’s sneaked in inside half-and-half cartons, mason jars, and OJ containers. Gave me quite a shock when I went to pour some cream in my coffee and gave it a healthy jolt of vodka instead. The preferred drink is scotch and OJ, which I’ve never heard of anyone else drinking outside of my family.

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I’m working a sports car race at Road Atlanta. All 3 days of the weekend, it should be a lot of fun.

Any of you that are SCCA members, wanna come hang out in T&S, come on up! Track goes green 8:15 am Saturday.

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Labour Day Classic, Taylor Field, with my lovely wife - Go Riders!!

Labour Day Classic, Taylor Field, with my lovely wife - Go Riders!!

My woman said it best, and notice she did not say anything about the wonderful sex we’re going to have…


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lol Brian :slight_smile:
also a old friend of mine from the band Illegal is playing that telethon I think they said Sunday

I am watching my friends house and cat while he is out on a dove hunt. Yep, he’s out killing the bird of peace and love. Oh well, he’s my friend and I love him even though he has an unhealthy obsession with guns and killing things. Luckily, his house is two doors down from mine so it’s real easy to pop over.

The rest of the time? Well, my lover and I broke up over some control issues; he wants to tell me what to do and I told him where to get off. I will probably be slaving over the computer on my latest novel and listening to some music.

Hope all of you will be safe, wear your seat belt and get a designated driver if you choose to drink. I expect all of you to be back here on Tuesday in one piece!

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Update on the Labour Day Classic: Riders 42, Bombers 17.