What Are Your Labor-Day Weekend Plans?

I’m not going away—just doing a major apartment-cleaning. “Friends are visiting” [tossing my head like Rula Lenska] the weekend of the 8th, and I have to do some major polishing, scrubbing, cat-fur vaccuuming, etc. Already TOOK THE TOP OFF THE STOVE (!) and Brillo’ed it. So I will be having a Joan Crawford attack: cleaning out the closet, packing away up my summery clothes and getting the fall/winter stuff ready for the dry-cleaner . . .

I’m “between books,” so I won’t have any writing to do, which is what usually takes up my holiday weekends! How 'bout y’all?

I may be flying to Chicago to entertain a certain waitress…

Driving to Newark, NJ to pick up Anniz at the International Arrivals area, and then driving as fast as the devil back to Maryland to spend the rest of the weekend with her in bed. :wink:

I’ll be flying to Atlanta to Dragon*Con to meet lots of Dopers and drool over Claudia Christian. :smiley:

Camping and watching people hit each other with big sticks.

Hosting a Dopefest. :slight_smile:

[sub]Can’t imagine why Montfort and Anniz don’t want to com…er, attend. ;)[/sub]

Going up to Traverse City with Mr. Cranky’s family. I’m grateful to have the family help with Cranky Jr, but we’ve been on the road so much in August I kinda wish we were staying home.

I plan on sleeping in even if it mean out-possuming every other member of the family.

Ah. SCA event. :slight_smile:

Ditching New York City, driving out to the Hamptons, and lounging around my mom’s pool all weekend. Boat drinks and Bar-B-Q will be the only forms of sustenance available.

I’m going to be visiting my mother in DC - hopefully we’ll get a rafting trip in there somewhere.

Like Eve, I will also be doing apartment cleaning. Though with much less style :wink:

I’m heading to NYC to see The Boy for a few days. I can’t wait!

Actually, it’s pretty much official. I AM flying back up to Chicago to spend time with a certain waitress that I met during ChiDope.

Hopefully nothing. Blissfully nothing.

Yup. Crown Tourney.
And ticks.

I’m going to LA to visit friends. Apparently I’m booked from the minute I arrive until the time I get on the plane again Monday. :slight_smile:

I’m still planning this. Anyone up still up for the “Lubefest”?

Break into Montfort’s apartment and hide under his covers so I can scare the living bejeezus out of him when he gets home for boasting like that.

Then make a daring escape and, sliding like Bo Duke over the trunk of our new Toyota Echo with the “Wilson” antenna deelybopper and the String Cheese Incident bumper sticker, flooring it to my sister-in-law’s up in PA to pick up the Tzeroling and celebrate her birthday.

Neat, huh?

Correction – What Are My Two-Week Vacation Plans, Starting Labor-Day Weekend?

Long, leisurely road trip with Mrs. Pluto. Just Mrs. Pluto – no Plutinos. Turnaround point is Yellowstone Park. Planning on stopping at every historical site, scenic viewpoint, roadside attraction and/or tourist trap between Seattle and Old Faithful.

Years afterward we will refer to this trip as either “our second honeymoon” or “the time we almost got divorced”.

Either way, it should be exciting.


I’m driving my wife, kids, and three friends to Winnepeg Friday night, so we can go to a one-day SCA event Saturday, then driving back Sunday.

Not too keen on spending more time driving than I spend at the event, though. Hopefully there will be fun stuff and lots of it.