What are you doing this weekend?

This Saturday only: Me, My Spouse, My Mother and Plastinated Cadavers !!

Fun for the whole family!

Do you have anything fun planned for this weekend? :slight_smile:

I have a Colorado Gothic Lolita Society gathering this weekend at Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossom Festival) downtown on Saturday. Sunday I’ll be out at DIA racing my car. Fun fun fun!

12 hours of Bonanza on TV Land on Saturday, picking up my son at O’Hare on Saturday.

Sunday is Father’s Day. I’ll be busy pampering Mr2U and doing the kid’s laundry.

Working in the garden, reading, laundry, some house-cleaning (though not as much as it needs), bill-paying, a nap or two, weekly coffee-with-a-friend… the usual.

Gothic Lolita Society? Sounds like fun! What do you do?

Oh, and I forgot to mention that tonight I’ll be representing the Goddess in a Litha (Summer Soltice) ritual. I hope the gods don’t take this as a literal request for fertility. :smiley:

Sunday is father’s day. I am taking the kids and my lady friend to PNC Park to see the Minnesota Twins beat the crap outa our Pittsburgh Pirates.

Primer on GothLoli: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gothic_Lolita
Colorado Gothic Lolita Society: http://community.livejournal.com/co_gothiclolita/
Anyway, we dress up and hang around. Last meet we had a picnic in the park with croquet. Before that we all went out for high tea. :slight_smile:

Mouse Maven – that’s coming to the Boston Museum of Science in the near future – we’ve gotten a mailing about it.

What are we doing?

1.) Saturday – I get to do a reading of my book at a local bookstore(!!!). Unfortunately, Pepper Mill and MilliCal won’t be there because at the same time

2.) our friends are having their giant twice-a-year party, filled with all and sundry. Extremely sundry. Not to be missed. I’ll go there after the reading.

3.) On Sunday (Father’s Day), MilliCal wants to visit her cousins

4.) Sometime during this we have to do some shopping for bathroom fixtures

5.) and finish cutting the grass.

6.) and if there’s any time left over, maybe we’ll see a movie.

Thanks for the links! I love High Tea. Every year I organize a Halloween High tea for my friends - email me if you would be interested in joining.

Looks like a lot of fun. I’m infamous for my reluctance to dress up. There’s a qoute board here at work. One from me is “I feel like a cross dresser whenever I dress up.” (I was bemoaning a formal fund raiser that my boss wanted us lab rats to attend.)

I went to the bodyworlds exhibit at the Franklin Institue in Philly. Pretty cool.

This weekend. . .low key.

The wife’s away so tonight I’m watching “Three Burials of Something Something”.

Tomorrow, I’m watching some World Cup with a gang of foreigners, and working in a long bike ride. Might be having a couple buddies over to swill some brews and watch the Winky Wright v. Jermain Taylor fight (which should be great).

And, I need to finish “Interview with a Vampire”. I don’t even know why I started it, but I’ve lost interest.

Saturday, 6:40 tee time.
In the afternoon we were planning on hitting the Highland Games in Oak Brook, but we may pass if it gets as hot as they are predicating.
Sunday I drive 2 of my kids to band camp at U of I.
Other than that, will try to watch some of the US Open.

Could be worse. I AM a cross-dresser when I dress up! :wink:

:smack: Oh well. Got any tips for the dress-shy? :smiley:

Three Little League games tomorrow starting at 0900. I’m cutting out early to catch the US-Italy game at noon. I just got a new bike and am hoping to get my first ride in on Saturday as well.

On Sunday we’re hiking here. It is one of my favorite hikes and easy enough to do with the kids.

Working on the (ongoing) remodeling of my bathrooms & bedrooms.

I expect to finish sanding & painting the woodwork in the hall bathroom this weekend, and get the ceiling repainted in the shower stall. If I’m lucky, or get help from my spouse, I might be able to get started on getting the bedroom cleared out & prepped for painting.

I expect to put in at least 25 hours of work this weekend. Monday at the office will be a respite.

Tonight, there’s a free barbeque and concert on campus, and tomorrow, there’s a hike with other grad students and visiting undergrads to either Saddle Peak, or Lewis and Clark Caverns, depending on weather. Sunday, not much, maybe some gardening.

Whoohoo. Thanks for reminding me! I just got a new kayak, and I am gonna do some kayaking saturday!!!

It is blue, BTW:

We’re taking our Penny-dog to “Paws in the Park” (fund-raiser for a shelter) and possibly entering her in the “Best Kisser” contest.

Then trivia on Saturday night with some friends.

Tonight a friend is driving up our way and we’ll be hitting one of the local brewpubs. Possibly 2 of them. And who knows what after that.

No plans for tomorrow, but I have a sneaking feeling they might include a greasy breakfast somewhere in town. Oh, and I know I need to take 5 minutes out of the day somewhere and mend a pair of my husband’s pants he asked me to mend like 2 weeks ago. My Father’s Day present. :wink:

Sunday, again no plans. Maybe brunch somewhere. And I remember my husband saying something about wanting to grill ribs this weekend so that might be on schedule.

My wife and I will be racing at our “home track” at Nelson Ledges Road Course. This will be our first local race (all of our races so far have been in Canada), so we’re pretty geeked. She will be racing in the lightweight mini-endurance class and I’ll be doing middleweight mini-endurance.

The bike is prefectly tuned for the first time and is faster than a bat outta hell, so we are really looking forward to it :cool: