Ladies: A f'd up hypothetical about your SO.

What would you do if you came home one day (unexpectedly) to find your SO masturbating to a pair of your panties?

(Hey, I told you it was a f’d up hypothetical. So don’t say I didn’t warn you. :D)

Poll to follow.

You forgot the “need answer fast”.


Not the options I would have chosen. I think the continuum would me more like this:

Freaked out - considering ending the relationship

Squicked out - rather he not do that, but not a deal breaker

Ambivalent - doesn’t really matter

Turned on - Hey, baby!

Other - after the thing with the marmoset, this bears some discussion

I just don’t see why this is so strange. He likes the way I smell, my panties smell like me. Seems perfectly reasonable.

What’s this about a marmoset?

This may be why my wife never wears underwear.

That’s considered f’d up? Sheesh, that’s nothing. That’s not even the start of f’d up, at least not according to some of the stories I’ve heard.

My wife came home the other day and found me in the bedroom.

She told me to take off her shirt, so I did. Then she told me to take off her skirt, so I did.

Then she told me to take off her bra, her nylons and her panties, so I did.

Then she told me she never wanted to catch me wearing her clothes again.

It was the day she came home and found you wearing the trousers, the way I heard it. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s wild.

And a little bit crazy.

What’s the f’d up part- the panties or the masturbating?

The marmoset.

Wait…is the SO masturbating into the panties or is the marmoset masturbating into the panties? Is the one who is not masturbating into the panties masturbating onto the one who is? This is all too confusing.

I’d tease him about it like I do about the titles of porn files I find. I think I’d be more weirded out if it was a pair of undies I’d never seen before.

I’m kinda getting the giggles picturing someone masturbating while staring intently at some of my holey black cotton Hanes. Because you said masturbating to not with or draped over face.

OK, fine. So you catch him sniffing them like he’s Dennis Hopper in “Blue Velvet” with the oxygen mask.

Its a compliment. The marmoset has good taste.

I would be turned on. Sounds like my kind of foreplay. :o

How is this f’d up? My panties are worn by me directly touching my girly bits and they are lacy and/or silky. That’s a phenomenally sensical thing to use as a masturbatory aid, is it not? I’d have no problem with my man doing it.

Be happy that he’s not using the curtains?

Eh, no big deal verging on compliment.