Ladies: Help me find a hair care product

My wife has been pining for a hair spray she says she thinks they don’t make any more. I am hoping to be able to surprise her with a bottle (or several) if I can just find someone that can locate some for me, either online or brick and mortar.

It was apparently called “Shimmer it”.

It came in a gold bottle.

It is NOT the John Frieda “shape and Shimmer” stuff. I asked.

She doesn’t remember who made it, or any of the other particulars, but it was her favorite hairspray and now it seems to have vanished.

Is it being made under another name?
Any help would be most… um… helpful.


Though that is the cached copy from December 2009. The current page is a placeholder a la “We are upgrading the website, please check back”.

It might be possible to email for availability.

If** LouiseE** has the right stuff, you can get it on Amazon.

Hmmm… the Shimmer It is not on Amazon, but the Freeze It is.

Think I’ll order a bottle of Freeze It and see what if that will work as an effective replacement.

Thank you, oh wise and benevolent masters!

If that’s not it, there’s another spray called ‘Shimmer’.

I think I found the updated version of the site LouseE linked to. Here ya go!

Key Brands

They have the Shimmer It hairspray, but only by the case. It’s $44.90 per case of 6. Shipping appears to be free, which is really nice.

Hope this helps!