Ladies, please recommend a men's cologne for a special occasion

I’m preparing for my midlife crisis.

I’ve done every stereotypical thing I can think of, from purchasing special Hanes underpants (they’re special because they’re new), to getting a much-too-young-for-me hairstyle, to shopping for non-practical but flashy cars.

Okay, so a new car would be over the top. I am thinking the next best thing would be to smell like I should own a nice car. I mean, if my gold ♂ necklace doesn’t catch your eye, my musk should.

Axe is out. Tag is out. High Karate, Sex Panther, out. What’s in?

FTR, I like a very understated smell. I get easily offended by someone swimming in it, and I imagine most people do, too.

Fahrenheit - Simple yet effective.

Clinique ‘Happy’ for men. Irresistable.

My wife says.

The problem is that any smell will react with your own body chemistry. Heaven on one man smells like manure on the next.

What Dangerosa said is very true. I adore Polo by Ralph Lauren but it smells horrible on Mr. SCL. It might smell good on you.

Acqua di Gio is my most favorite men’s cologne ever. I buy it for all of my male friends and they love it!

What are you looking for in a scent? You will need one for warm and one for cool seasons.

At least you have enough sense to stay away from Axe.

My favorite is himalaya by creed, it is pricey but it just screams “I have money” even if you don’t.
It smells like berries and maybe cream, it is hard to describe, the only drawback is staying power, 4 hours tops. I’ve had women lick me on my arms…hmmm.

One I would suggest for cooler months… Desire by Dunhill, A little sweet but still masculine.

Another good one is Be delicious by DKNY. A very spicy scent with green apples, coffee and pepper. another winner.

I like Happy. My husband likes Happy. However, he doesn’t like to buy it and he’s not wild about the name.

The one I find irresistable, he doesn’t like. I think it was Yves St. Laurent. So Happy it is. The compromise perfume, like everything else in our relationship. (Do not ask about the compromise couch.)

oops, I’m sorry about posting in an ask ladies thread. But since I have already screwed up…

Try Vetiver by Guerlain, It isn’t for everybody, but it has a nice clean scent…fresh cut grass with a touch of Pine, very nice.

I think the Antonio Banderas cologne is hot…

This would make a fabulous mid-life crisis scent, IMHO.

Whatever you do, no Drakkar Noir. Unless you want to smell like a greasy sleezeball.

Old Spice for all its ancientness is a very nice smell on men. I don’t suppose it makes you smell rich though; it might make you smell comfortable and safe. Familiar, as it were.

THANK YOU! So, so, SO true.

Second what she says, although she only suggested it to me, I bought it with my very own money.

But I think it smells great on me, although I only wear it for special occasions, only when I ‘dress up’ to go out somewhere.

I saw a recommendation for Curve on this board, and when I got it, a girl at church jumped around as she passed me in the door of the hamburger grill (lots of smells around), and said, “He’s wearing Curve!” So that was an endorsement. She liked it so much that she actually tried to wear it. Another girl kind of called her on it, and she admitted it, and then said that it only smelled right on men.

So you might try that and ask for opinions from women.

I don’t have that association. An old BF of mine used to wear it and it smells yummy to me.

Eau Sauvage by Dior.

What time shall I expect you? :smiley:


Summer: L’eau Par Kenzo
Winter: Faconnable Classic

A guy here, asking a follow-up; I have 2 colognes I wear (Aqui Di Gio is one; I don’t recall the other). I usually switch between them every other day. Is that a good idea, or should I only switch during different seasons, months, et al.? Is it better to cultivate a predictable scent, or to smell a little different each day?

Most people don’t wear heavy scents in the summer; it just seems too much. If you wear a very small amount of a heavy fragrance, though, you’d probably be okay. Do you not notice yourself that you prefer fresher smells in summer?

Second on this one, I wear it and love it. (I’m female, but with a tomboy streak.) It has great staying power… At the end of the day, people still say I smell good. The apple notes are the last ones to go.