Best smelling cologne - a poll for the ladies

I’m in the market for a new cologne, just for the sake of variety, and I’m looking for suggestions on what to get. Since I don’t swim in the stuff, and since I don’t have the best sense of smell to begin with, I’m up to try anything. So ladies, what colognes out there make you weak in the knees? (Um, in a good way, that is.)

And though I’m more interested in what the girls think ('cause their opinions count for more in the long run), guys, what colognes have you gotten the most compliments from?

Thanks in advance, guys.

And gals.
[sub]You’d think after directing half the OP to them, that I’d remember to thank them too, but nooo…[/sub]

Sorry to say, but I think guys smell best w/o any of the stuff. So, that prolly didnt help you much.

Drakkar. I know it’s unsophisticated & high schoolish & all that, but I have gone home with more than one guy just because he was wearing it. That smell just makes me swoon inside. I have been known to lick it off of guys’ necks (or whatever body part they put it on.) It’s strong, so don’t put too much on.

I’m keen on Polo. 'Course, that could be because I had an SO who wore it, and I have good memories of it. sniff.

I like Eternity, by Calvin Klein. It’s what I buy the hubby. Actually, most men’s colognes are fine (I can’t stand Drakkar, however. Sorry, Stella) as long as you aren’t marinating in them like my father-in-law does. Ugh - you can smell him from miles away.

I don’t prefer Drakkar, but I have a few bottles of it. I actually really like Gravity and it’s cheap too. The two scents I wear most are Gravity and Hugo.

Another vote for Polo here. Go lightly with it, its strong.

::sigh::mmmm, guys who wear Polo ::sigh::

Paco Rabanne, Original Recipe.

Smells so good, I wear it myself.

vote #2 for Eternity. mmmmmmmmmm…

(expensive, but, really, I had a bf who wore it nearly every day and it would take him more than 2 years to finish a bottle.)

I second Eternity. Yum! Obsession is wonderful too.

The scent of Curve cologne mixed with shaving cream will always have a special place in my heart. Curve is very light and airy, delicious, and definitely one of my favorites.

I vote “nay” for Drakkar. Eeek! That stuff is poisen.

Anything that mixes well with your body chemistry. Cool Water on a guy who can wear it well makes makes my mouth water! Same with Grey Flannel…but hey Mr. Tequila wears Brut and smells like freshly baking sugar cookies…I could just eat him up! Try out a couple of em before you buy them and ask female opinions on how you smell throughout the day…

Halston-Z14 makes me weak in the knees whenever I smell it. I’ve bought it for all the men in my life. :slight_smile:

I’m allergic. Can I vote for none?

But if you gotta, I like the really light ones that make you wonder if the guy IS wearing anything or not. But no floral scents for a guy.

Sandalwood, if I had to pick a natural scent. Of course, the one scent I really like on a guy is saddlesoap leftovers, soooooo… maybe I’m warped. :slight_smile:

My hubby recently wanted to try something new, so after smelling my way through a chemist’s at Xmas I chose “Body (Kouros)” by Yves Saint Laurent. It’s nice and musky and doesn’t make you feel ill if you sniff too strongly. It got two thumbs up from Mr Nimue. His previous fragrance was Hugo Boss, which was also good but very different – not at all musky. Although I liked that one, it was probably mostly to do with its associations with him. On the whole I much prefer musky, spicy scents.

A Pint of Horse Sweat (thank you Opus)
But seriously, my gf loves Paco. Unfortunatly, she told me why. Apparently she dated a french dude who wore it. Now I regard her nuzzling up to my neck when wearing Paco with a bit of the upturned eyebrow

Curve, very definitely curve, it smells absolutely yummy.


Abercrombie for Men
Abercrombie Woods

Oh my LORD…that stuff just about makes me faint. I know Abercrombie is totally high schoolish, but hey - it works for me everytime…

The smell of Old spice makes me melt, personally. Course, that could be because an ex boyfriend wore it, and it reminds me of him. I’d smell it on my pillow for weeks after he left, and it was the best feeling. But it really is a good smell :slight_smile:

I happily volunteer to be your cologne sniffer, KKB. :smiley: