ladies, what cologne drives you wild?

OK - so I just ran out of cologne so I went to the store and bought some new stuff. It’s called “Seduction” by Liz Claiborne. I hope people like it; it’s kind of woodsy with a hint of grapefruit. With this being said, ladies what do you find as the most inticing of colognes? Picking out cologne is one thing I absolutely know nothing about.


I love Zino by Davidoff. Mmmm sexy.

Swiss Army. It makes me do that “rrrraow” thing.

I still have a wet . . . I mean, soft spot for Drakkar.

I know, I know: :rolleyes:

Whatever the hell cheap, gag-inducing cologne my first boyfriend wore back in 1978. Every so often I still get a whiff of it, and I’m a love-struck girl of 21 again . . .

Preferred Stock and Obsession pant

I love Desire by Dunhill and Lanvin.

Farenheit by Dior. Yum… :smiley:

I wish I knew what it was called. This waiter I worked with got some in Switzerland, or that’s what he said when one day I walked by him and suddenly I found myself just yanked back around towards him. I swear, my body was not under my conscious control. Now, this guy wasn’t really my type and I’d never had any sort of reaction to him before. “Wow,” I said, “you smell nice!” And he told me he’d gotten the stuff in Switzerland and never saw it anywhere else. Then another woman walked by and suddenly spun around and said, “Wow, you smell nice!”

I really, really wish I could tell you what it was, because it was amazing. In fact, if anyone else might have any idea, I’d love to hear.

Brut? Old Spice? Hai Karate?

Swiss Army, or that one by Armani that had the matching his-and-hers bottles that fit together. I forget the name, something generic like “Him” or “His” or something like that.


Of course, I can’t smell that last one anymore without thinking of my ex. That’s very annoying. First the uncontrollable weak-kneed whoa of desire as it hits me, then the overwhelming load of icky memories flooding back and making me feel dirty.

Yeah, so don’t buy that one. Sure, I’ll swoon as you pass by me in the mall, but then I’ll probably chase you down and beat you with an umbrella on the escalator. :slight_smile:

Fresh, soapy boy smell.

Yummmmmmmmmmmm. A million times better than any aftershave/cologne could hope to be.

My tastes have changed – I used to like sweet floral perfumes when I was a teenages, now they smell heavy and cloying. I can’t seem to find Aliage by Estee Lauder; I guess it’s been discontinued. I tried using that search function in Makeup Alley a few posts up and there were no matches. I guess I’ll have to check out Ebay to see if it pops up there. Aliage smells like new mown grass, clean and green. Maybe I can find a substitute.

Ok…totally cheap cologne, but on the right man, Stetson is so yummy. (The scent widely varies on different people, as do most colognes)

I second the Drakkar vote, Eternity for Men wasn’t bad when it was popular, I don’t know if they still make it. Preferred Stock is another good choice.

I like colognes that generally aren’t too heavy, and make a man smell “fresh” and clean. I don’t really like musky scents, on myself or others.

Hugo Boss

“My man wears British Sterling…or he wears nothing at all.”

I swear I’ve worn all of those at one time or another. I really liked Preferred Stock. In general, I like more citrusy-type cologne rather than musky or floral, but it seems hard to find these days.

Who’s up for some Jovan Musk, gold chains, and a silky disco shirt?

Canoe Canoe?

Personally, just smell like soap and shampoo. And maybe Crest toothpaste. I don’t really like perfumes and colognes.

But whatever you do, don’t wear anything her dad wore or wears. :slight_smile: For me that means no Polo or Halston for you. I could never put my tongue in a mouth that wore Polo, it would feel wrong.

Drakkar and the smell of a leather coat …yummy

Oh HELL YES. That’s all I need.

But I have an ex who wore Polo, and I loved it at the time. All I needed to do was get a whiff of it, and I was sunk. But now it just makes me think of him - and hence it’s now ruined.