ladies, what cologne drives you wild?

My ex-husband wore Polo too, and now when I smell it I almost end up in a panic attack (he was abusive through out most of our relationship)

My fiance wore Avatar when we first got together, but has worn Gravity for a few years. I got him Avatar for Christmas because it still makes me weak in the knees.

I have to agree though…nothing is better than when he crawls into bed after a soapy shower. wicked grin

Eh, not a fan of cologne or perfume. I used to love smelling stuff like Poison when I was younger, but nowadays my nose has changed enough that I can’t stand the artificial scents. I can and do happily use essential oils for perfumeage purposes, though.

Note to the wise: BO does not drive me wild. Neither does bathing in cologne or perfume. :smiley:

Contradiction (for men) by Calvin Klein and Kouros by Yves St Lauren. Both make me weak at the knees!


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I second this. ROWR!

Yeah, cologne isn’t really necessary. My brother uses that Axe body spray (no idea what kind, I’m sure it varies), and that’s nice. I had a boyfriend who wore Adidas cologne, which is also nice.

Another vote for “none”, provided you shower everyday. :stuck_out_tongue:

On a guy (most guys), aside from the “fresh from the shower” soap smell, I love Aramis. mmmmmm…

I’ve recently discovered Chanel No. 5 for myself. I tried it on as a fluke in the department store, and immediately fell in love with it. (An expensive fall, if I may say so.) I wear it and everyone tells me how good I smell. I loved it so much, I went home and gave away all my other perfumes (Liz Clayborn, Liz Sport, Tabu and Glow), and have now adopted Chanel No. 5 as MY scent.

I’m a Drakkar guy ever since I had a young lady tell me that it was the most effective “female flesh-bait” ever invented. It has worked out pretty well so far, and the one time I loaned it to my apartment-mate in college for a date, he, ahhh… had a very pleasant evening. Well, I can’t empirically state that he had fun, but I could tell she was having a nice night. :smiley:

My favorite is Ralph Lauren, that’s what my boyfriend wears. I like Drakkar, Polo, and similar things.

But what I really like about cologne: and mind me well - is when I smell it when I don’t expect it. I shouldn’t be smelling it when I’m 5 feet away, you understand. But when I lean over you, or walk past you, and catch a whiff - well, that makes me just want to follow you home. :smiley:

I am melted instantly by the scent of Calvin Klein’s Eternity - for men. I have several versions of the women’s, and though they are nice, if I smell a man wearing Eternity, I follow…

I also love Crave, also by Calvin Klein. My husband has worn this since the day we met, so it is associated with very fond memories.

One of my very best friends back in the day wore Polo all the time, and I loved it on him.

For women, oh God. I won about a dozen different types of perfume over the past couple of years, and I really enjoy most of them. (Hey, I come from an incredibly small town, and so when a place like Sears was having contests at their perfume counter, I would always enter - several times I entered a giveaway against four people. Odds were good. I won. I also won a trip to Panama from them, too, but I got cash value for it, since I couldn’t travel at the time - I got to keep the gift basket, though, which was very nice, and had a bottle of wine and several bottles of perfume along with other miscellaneous junk). Among the ones I have… I love, of all things, J-Lo’s Glow, it has a nice, soft baby-powdery scent - J-Lo’s Still is okay, too. CKs** Rose Blush Eternity ** and Purple Orchid Eternity, Contradiction, and Truth are all very nice - you only need the lightest mist of these to smell wonderful all day. (I spray in the air, wait a moment… then walk through the mist!) The one bottle of perfume I did buy was Clinique’s Happy, which is wonderfully citrus-y and delicious. That purchase won me Happy Heart, which is a lovely floral. Later I won Clinque’s Simply, which drives my husband wild.
I also won a shimmery **Tommy Girl ** cologne, and a sparkly powder puff infused with the scent, and I like the subtle shimmer it leaves, but don’t care much for the scent.
I can’t pick a favourite… maybe Happy, since it’s the one I actually purchased. I’m wearing Truth right now, and it’s a wonderful mossy scent - it smells like taking a walk deep in the woods after a rain, while it’s still damp out. I won a gift pack of that stuff, and I find the “sensual bedtime fragrance” of Truth that came with it to be the nicest and most subtle. Sometimes I just wear the “bedtime” scent out, since it’s so subtle. I hate smelling too laden with perfume. I don’t want to smell like I bathed in it.

I also like the Body Shop’s fuzzy peach ** :smiley: And for cheap-y cologne, almost anything vanilla - but mist that stuff, too, or you just end up smelling cheap. Until I won all that pricey perfume, I didn’t think there was a difference, but since then, my nose has turned up and into a bit of a scent snob - I can smell “cheap” a mile away! (Though I don’t hold it against anyone! I just involuntarily notice it).

But you know something? I like just plain old clean smell, too - the smell of soap when my husband is just out of the shower smells more wonderful than any cologne. A friend of mine where I used to work was a large, large man. He was so huggable - the “teddy bear” type. He was very religious and didn’t wear fragrance, and whenever I would run up to him to get a big bear hug, he always smelled like Ivory soap. I loved that. Also, if I smell my hands and they don’t have a even a hint of a soapy smell, I consider them dirty and immediately go wash them.
Fresh clean linens, soap, and fresh air trump anything from a bottle.

Why is it so shameful to love Drakkar? I guess because it’s so 80s? I loooooove Drakkar. I think I would very possibly go on a date with a guy simply because he was wearing it. Maybe.

I dated a garbage man once who wore Drakkar - somehow it wasn’t as stinky as it seemed on other men - it just smelled damn sexy (of course, so was he!).

Sorry, OP, but I’m a guy, but I like Eternity a lot. And Polo. Mmm.

And there was this thing that my parents got me once that I would have gone insane over, if I knew the name of it. It was the best ever. :frowning:

Not a lady…but I’ll add a data point.

I have 3 scents I rotate…in order of preference.

Givenchy Blue Label …this stuff wears real well on me. At the end of the day, it still smells great.

  1. Kennth Cole Black

  2. Alfred Sung’s Hei

I was just looking to see what the price on Drakkar was on this site.

Check out the Customers who shopped for this product also shopped for: section.

That alone should indicate the power for Drakkar. :slight_smile:

Count me in with the “I like the smell of soap” crowd.

However, my college boyfriend wore Trussardi and whenever I smell that it gives me a rush. Luckily not many men in the US seem to wear it.