Ladies What Kind Of Cologne Should I Buy?

Having found myself near the end of a bottle of cologne, I’m at a loss as to what kind I should buy next. The current cologne’s Gravity, but it hasn’t inspired any “Mmm, you smell nice.” comments. So I’m thinking I should switch. Any suggestions ladies?

I like Curve …mrow!:smiley:

**Phlosphr’s Wife Check’in in here **

Clinique Happy for Men is subtle yet persuasive.
Cool Water cologne is next to magical. It costs nothing, and when Mr.Phlosphr wears it…:wink: — I’d go for that!

Grey Flannel has been my favorite for 20 years.

My ex-gf was crazy for Obsession by CK, it made her weak at the knees. Don’t know if you can buy it in the US though.

Hmm… just realised how silly that sounded - CK is an American brand after all!:smack:

I would go to a department store perfume counter and ask for samples. Then wear the sample one at a time for a few days to see how it mixes with your chemistry. Then buy something good.

I love the smell of Joop. I actually bought a bottle for myself, since most women’s perfume is too sweet smelling for my taste.

Eau Sauvage

Tucker, if you have a female friend, go with her to try the colognes… :slight_smile: I know which colognes I like, but I don’t know the names… :frowning:

Kouros and Obsession are my favorites, especially Obsession. I want to wrestle my SO to the ground everytime he wears Obsession!

I love Escape by CK. But I also like it when a man smells unique. My problem with Obsession is that everyone wore it for a time. I like to smell a cologne and have it remind me of someone specific.

I remember hearing on a Discovery special that the sense of smell is more important to a woman’s arousal than any other sense, which struck a chord as true for me. I agree with KarlGrenze - take a woman with you if you can.

It seems to me that cologne preference is much like music - you tend to like best whatever was popular when you were 18, so consider what age woman you are targeting when making a decision. If you want late twenties to early thirties - seems Obsession is the choice. A younger woman, try Clinique Happy. Just my 2 scents. (ha, ha)

My favorite is Opium for Men by Yves St. Laurent. Even the slightest hint of that scent makes me weak in the knees.

Another vote for Obsession, it’s so nice :slight_smile:

Also, my So wears Eddie Bauer Adventurer. It’s not so common, but on him I REALLY like it :smiley:

I found my SO one of these little bottles of cologne, called 1881. I absolutely love it. I also wear Opium myself, so I’m guessing I would probably like Opium for men.

Sadly, no female friends available, which is why I’m turning to the wonderful women of the Dope for suggestions. (Heck, if I had any female friends, do you think I’d be wasting my time here? :wink: )

Isn’t this one of those things like woman’s perfume, where the scent is slightly different on everyone who wears it?

I prefer no scent, or very faint scents on women. I notice women who gravitate to me seem to prefer the same.

I don’t think perfume makes a positive difference in the attractiveness of more than a small percentage of woman (say, 10%). More often, I’m reeling when someone’s worn too much. Lucky they can’t see my reaction. Sometimes I just wait until they’re out of range.

At best scents on men affect me neutrally. At worst… gag city.

It seems to be possible to subconsciouly change your own personal smell to be attractive to an individual. I had a GF who was an addict. When she and I broke up, the “natural” smell she liked vanished.

Avon sells a very inexpensive cologne called Modern Balance. I liked it so much that I approached a complete stranger to ask him what kind of cologne he was wearing.
Cool Water is also very nice.
Also Drakkar Noir.

I vote none.

I’ve used Obsession, Eternity, Gaulthier, Opium and others, but the one I’ve received the most compliments on is Santos, by Cartier. It’s similar to Obsession (vanilla type scent), but with a noticeable difference.

I like it because its not very common.