Ladies the "Just friends" thing.

Inspired by Polerius’ thread.

If you wanted to, do you think you could cross that line with your guy friends?

Polerius has been an Igor to the monster I’ve created haha.

Anyway, I’m not quite sure what you’re asking. Are you asking if it’s possible for some girls to develop attraction to guys they are ‘just friends’ with?

You did, Auto, but we luvs ya anyway.

No, I’m asking; If you were evil and just wanted to seduce one of your guy friends just for the hell of it, could you?

Yes, it is absolutely possible. Of the 4 men in my life I have been in relationships with (defined as we referred to one another as boyfriend/girlfriend) 2 of them were my friends first. My only one night stand was with a man I had been friends with for years and continue to remain friends with to this day.

ETA: As for the evil thing, no I would never seduce one of my friends for the hell of it. And I don’t know why life is so unfair. I tell you what, you help me find a decent job and I will help you find a decent woman!

As a guy, I’m going to go ahead and say yes. Many of my girl friends could probably seduce me with very little effort. But then again, I’m a whore.

I’ve crossed the line a few times. As mentioned in the other thread, a lot of my romantic relationships started off as friendships.

I’ve blurred the line a few times too, for that matter. There are a couple of friends with whom I’ve had not-so-platonic-cuddling and friends-with-benefits arrangements… but those were always downgraded back to plain vanilla friendship as soon as significant others entered the picture.

I certainly wouldn’t seduce a guy friend just for the hell of it, though… I’ve always made a point of being sure that we’re both thinking along the same lines before jumping his bones. It’s a bit awkward if one person expects a quick fling and the other is thinking it’s the start of a beautiful relationship.

FWIW, the responses to this thread may help shed some light on your question.

My current boyfriend was a friend for over a year before we started dating. I’ve also done a few friends-with-benefits things.

So yes.

I’ve tried, but most of the time my guy friends wanted to stay “just friends.” The few times I succeeded, they mostly just wanted to be friends with benefits. The last time I tried it, I ended up marrying the guy. :smiley:

I do have one male friend from college who’s been very dear to me, but we’ve never tried to be more than friends. Well, actually, I have made a drunken pass or two at him over the years, which he politely rebuffed without making me feel like an idiot. Oddly enough, when my ex and I first split up, my mother said to me, “You know, you and [guy friend] would make a great couple. I don’t know why you didn’t marry him instead of [ex].” :rolleyes:

Are you asking could I morally or do you mean would he be receptive to my seduction attempt?

Morally? No. Not with my current male friends. There are reasons we’re friends and not lovers now. Crossing that line would mean a lot of heartache and difficulty for us both.

Would he do me? Depends on the friend I guess. I won’t ever know for certain because I won’t try. However, there’s one friend I’m pretty sure would. However, he’d do just about anyone female (hence the reason we’re just friends), so I think I’d stand a chance.

Why isn’t life fair? I don’t know, but it’s not. I’ve hit 40 and I’m not sure which is falling faster: my 401k or my ass! Life can suck!