Ladies: Want To Earn $100,000 By Seducing A 370 Pound Man?

Jeff Beacher, a fixture in the Las Vegas entertainment scene, is going on a diet and intends to loose a lot of weight - he has also sworn to be celibate for the next year. To that end, he said he would pay $100,000 to the woman, and another $100,000 to a charity should a “temptress” make him break that promise.

So - up the the challenge?

You can read all about it herein Norms column. Scroll down about half way through the column to see the info.

Uh, no.

Not because he’s a big guy, but because I’m not a ho.

That being said, I’m sure lots of women would go for it.

How is this NOT soliciting sex for money?

In a heartbeat. Hmmm, I may fly to Vegas this weekend. I need to look this guy up. :cool:

Even if it is, isn’t that legal in Nevada?

Uh, I’m not sure that legality is the ONLY issue here…

In some counties but not Vegas.

Never said it was. You are perfectly welcome to be morally self-righteous about it.

But Nawth Chucka’s post about soliciting sex for money implied, i thought, a concern about legality.

Interesting. I had always been under the impression that it was a statewide thing. Thanks for the correction.

More specifically, it’s legal in counties with populations less than 100,000.

Clark County (where Las Vegas is located) has a population around 2 million as of the 2000 census.

I guess if I met him and I was into him I might try to jump his bones, but I am certianly not into trying to convince him to sleep with me because there is a cash prize. Besides, I am worth WAY more than $100,000!

I’d do it.

Question is - would he do me? He’s a Vegas millionaire (?). There are much, much, much hotter chicks out there who would do this for a lot less money. And about half of them live/work/play in Vegas :slight_smile:

So yeah I’d do it but no way would I win.

Normally I would, but tonight I’m shampooing the cat…

If prostitution is illegal in his locale, then any woman who takes him up on the offer and then tries to collect the money might be out of luck since the “contract” might be considered “a contract against public policy” and therefore unenforceable in a court of law.

(Similar to a contract to buy drugs. Criminal issues aside, if Fat Tony fails to deliver the drugs you purchased from him, you wouldn’t be able to enforce the contract in court.)

So, ladies beware!

She could always lure him across the county line. Even then it might not be legal due to licensing issues. I have no idea how it works but if a massage therapist has to be licensed, a hooker probably does too.

What ‘cho talkin’ 'bout Willis? :dubious:

This sounds like the makings of a FOX TV show…

I was referring to your implication, in the first response to the OP, that any woman who took him up on his offer would be a “ho.”

Uh, I think being paid to have sex with someone is pretty well the definition of “ho”.

Well, at least in my dictionary.

That sounds painful and/or kinky.

And, as i suggested earlier, you’re being morally self-righteous about it. You can pretend that your initial comment was merely a definitional one, with no moral opprobrium attached, but those of us who can read know better.

You’re perfectly entitled to your moral self-righteousness, as i said earlier. Just don’t expect everyone else to agree with it.