Ladies what do you think when you see a woman wearing seamed stockings in public?

Options are in the poll.

What poll?

I love them. I used to wear them when I had good legs. Not all of the time, but on occasion. If I saw a woman wearing them now, I would think she liked to be a bit different and that she had a bit of sass.

? You don’t see it?

If she was wearing long sleeves and a skirt over her knee I’d assume she was Satmar.

If she wasn’t, then fashion-clueless.

Okay now I see it. For some weird reason when I first opened the thread it was nowhere in sight. :smiley:

I picked several options. It’s a statement and you have to be aware that you’re making a very specific sex statement, but it’s hot.

I realized too late that I could pick more than one option. I picked stylish, but would have liked to have added sexy. I think it’s attractive in a cool, classic, vintagy, old-fashioned way. I am completely surprised that anyone would find it slutty or “fashion-clueless”. I really wonder if I’m thinking of something different than others…

I’m sure it would depend on the whole package what I thought of her but I automatically picked outdated because I haven’t seen a woman in seamed stockings since the eighties.


I think I’d hopped into the wayback machine and journey back in time a few decades. Do they still make them?

I selected stylish. But I also think “How did she get her seams straight?”

Stylish – well, as long as they didn’t look ridiculous with what she was wearing. But I LOVE seamed stockings. I want a pair!


It would depend somewhat on whether she had nice legs and absolutely on what else she had one, but in any case it’s not like I’d expect her to wear them while alone :slight_smile:

I think my reply - exhibitionist - was unduly influenced by the only three women I know who habitually wear them. These three women are all undoubtedly good-looking and very obviously use their sexuality to get attention (from men and women).

They are sexy though. (Stockings that is, not these particular women, as I find overt flirting to be a turn-off).

Stylish. Because you can’t just accidentally get stockings with a seam these days. In fact, in the late '70s I had to draw a line on a pair for a '40s-style outfit (costume).

Drawing the line on fooled everybody, though. Brown eyebrow pencil, in case anybody’s interested in a cheaper version whose seam will be as straight as you can draw and will stay that way.

I would think she looked hot. In the Fahrenheit sense.

Seams, madam? Nay, I know not “seams.”

Would it not be easier just to draw the line on your leg?

Then you don’t have to worry about it moving during the day. Or am I the only person who has ‘travelling stockings’?

I dance Argentine tango and think they’re a classy alternative to the somewhat clichéd fishnet option.

The 80’s was the last time I wore them or saw them.