Lamar Odom found unconscious in a Nevada Brothel

I’m hoping for the best, but it doesn’t look good.

“Partying for days” and “herbal viagra” sounds a lot like cocaine use and counteracting one of it’s negative side effects.

Soooooooo, which one is he? The one that was married to the fat(-est) one?! :rolleyes:

He’s the one with two NBA championships.

She’s a real chunker, isn’t she? :rolleyes:

Kim is the fattest one. Lamar was married to Khloe, the youngest one.

So, were they using a mini-LifeFlight copter, or did the second hospital run out of Big and Tall beds?

The story I read said that he was too tall for the chopper. I was like :dubious:.

I think you guys have a different definition of fat than I do. Here’s Kim, here’s all of them.

Anyways, I was surprised that Lamar didn’t fit in the chopper either, but he’s almost 6 feet tall, my only guess is that the stretcher fits in to a specific area that that they couldn’t get him into it (though you’d think they could have just bent his knees up) or they had him on a bigger stretcher and, for whatever reason, it was just faster to drive him at that point.

I haven’t read the whole story, did they try to get him in and it didn’t work, or did they think about calling in Flight For Life and say ‘nah, he won’t fit, let’s just take the ambulance’. There’s a difference (IMO) between having the chopper there and not even having called it out yet.

An editor, an editor. My kingdom for an editor.


Just for clarity, that’s an ungrammatical reference to a 2013 incident.

Those Kardashians sure know how to pick 'em!

I don’t wish the man any harm but days of partying in a brothel? What possible harm could come of that? And people wonder why so many athletes go broke.

Huh. I just saw the headline and figured it was a prurient ‘point at the celebrity who was at a brothel and drank too much!’ story. I didn’t realize how serious the unconsciousness was.

Only 35. Pull it together, man.

Has anyone seen Al Neri?

I don’t wish the man any ill, but let’s face it:

Makes for a pretty sad epitaph.

He’s 6’10". I’m not at all surprised he didn’t fit. Any way they tried to bend him would compress his already-struggling lungs, and then there’s the problem of also being able to fit the EMTs working on him. Ambulance was the way to go.

Khloe used to be the fat one- it was one of the things that people always brought up when they questioned her parentage. She’s lost a great deal of weight since separating from Lamar, and is no longer the fat one. Kim has claimed that title for the next few months- she’s hugely pregnant.

And one owned by Dennis Hof, the skeevy scrotebag from those atrocious Cathouse shows on HBO. No such thing as bad publicity, I guess?

I meant to say ‘almost 7 feet tall’ not 6 feet tall. I was distracted my the fact that someone is about to die and people are bickering about which Kardashian sister is the fattest.

That is, literally, why people in Hollywood have eating disorders. When “Lamar Odam might die” almost immediately turns into “wasn’t he married to that fat girl?”. I’m sure people feel wonderful when they read that stuff.

Here I am. Let me know where to claim the kingdom. :slight_smile: