Lame excuses for spending so much time online

I’m sitting here at the computer at 5:00 a.m., and I’m exhausted. I got off work at 1:30, and I’ve been wasting time since then. The reason? I came home and let the dog out, and when she came back in she curled up on my spot on the bed and she is SO ADORABLE that I can’t bear to move her. She is even snoring adorably, and when I log off I’m going to have to move her because it’s bedtime, even though I hate to interrupt such cuteness…

OK, I know this must be disgusting to non-dog-owners, but you’ve all got something that gets you to stay on-line; what is it?

I’m thinking of external factors more than the attraction of what can be found here, I should add; what is it in your life that makes you turn to the Internet? Why do you keep coming back? Is there some random function of your lifestyle that somehow facilitates your SDMB viewing?

Let 'er rip.

I find SDMB facilitates my tenedency for escapism. Sometimes I feel like i’m sculking because I read so much more than I post. I also use it as fodder for my conversations with people face to face.

I just don’t have anything better to do :smiley:

Well, the porn isn’t gonna surf for itself :smiley:

I have found that if I spend hours a day exercising and socializing with friends and family instead of sitting in my rather comfy desk chair online, then my butt begins to loose its soft flabby consistancy and begins to develop muscle tone and definition. This sort of thing can not be tolerated.

I find that if I do not frequently utilize the internet, the SDMB in particular, to escape from “the real world,” I will rapidly become unbearably insane. Even more so than I already am.
Therefore, I find it in the best interests of myself and those around me to spend as much quality time as possible with you, my dear friends of the SDMB.
Unlike my family and school, I can simply leave if I find something or someone annoying.
If you’ve ever had a family or school of your own, I’m sure you know what I am talking about.

i phear the daystar.

It keep me from looking for a real job.

deren made me do it