Larry Darby, Democratic anti-semite atheist, finds Jesus

This asshole managed to win huge swaths of the Alabama Democratic primary, and gained lots of press for being an atheist Holocaust denier. Now comes the interesting code to that story: “I agree with moral precepts put forth by Jesus of Nazareth and I am Christian in a sense that Jesus of Nazareth would approve,” Darby wrote.


I love the quote though from the “Intelligence Project at the law center in Montgomery”: “Tell him we wish him the very best in his next ideology”


Yeah, Darby is both a first-class idiot and a world-class asshole.

(Emphasis added)

Ayup, he’s a total nutcase and attention whore. Imagine having a similar name to him and also being an atheist in Alabama- it’s quite irritating. (We’re no relation.)

He also believes that illegal aliens should be shot and that the few thousand deaths that he concedes did occur in the Holocaust were either justified executions or the fault of Allied bombing raids.

The irritating thing is that when he started out as a controversial figure he made some excellent points about the lack of critical thinking in schools, the hypocrisy of the religious right in the state, etc., but then he just devolved into the brainwashed monomanic nutjob he is now.

Wow, Jesus, even wearing that disguise and crossing the street when you saw him coming didn’t work? Look, why don’t you come over? I have some white wine from Gaul; we can finish off the bottle together and relax. You look like you need it.