Las Colinas lunch bunch, round 2

The first Las Colinas lunch bunch was a smashing success! Six people showed up and we had a great time chatting and eating.

This week we are going to eat Mexican food!

El Fenix
Friday, 11:30

Here is the map.
That will get you to the intersection. When you get there, El Fenix is on the southwest corner. If you are coming from Las Colinas, take the Main St. exit, cross over the freeway, and turn into Joe’s parking lot. El Fenix is 3 restaurants to the west.

If you are coming from Ft. Worth,you can take either the exit just before or just after 121 merges with 114.

Put me down as a maybe. I’m going to try to leave early for this, but it’s our first week back so I’m not sure that’ll go. If I can sneak away, I’ll join you.

I’ll have to get back to you later in the week - money’s tight right now.

Even if I have something for you?

Hey, I bought Grace’s lunch last week, I’m sure I could swing a second meal again.

Well, shucks, I can’t refuse such a gracious offer.

I have something for you too, so I guess I’d better show up.

Sorry, gotta go to California Friday morning. Keep trying, Z! :slight_smile:

I’ll be there.

Dude, you could almost walk there!

I have walked there.

I will try very hard to make it! Based on today, this week is shaping up nicely to be hellish.
Lord Jim, I go out of town about once every five years – and I’ll be in Cozumel when your party is going on! Damn.

Does Mrs. Chef know about this? :stuck_out_tongue:

Good heavens, no! I had a hard enough time explaining why she wasn’t one of the women in my fantasy of two women making out.

*One way or another, we’re gonna find ya
We’re gonna get cha, get cha get cha, get cha
One way or another, we’re gonna win ya
We’re gonna get cha, get cha get cha, get cha
One day maybe next week we’re gonna meet cha,
We’re gonna meetcha, we’ll meet cha *

I’m going to try, but like Blonde, I’m having a hell of a week.

Hey Parrothead. I got your email earlier this week, but it bounced back to me when I tried to reply to it.

And Zyada, some of us have had the honor of meeting mintygreen. He’s been to couple of the midnight movies at the Inwood Theater.

Oops! I’ll have to check my settings. The whole comcast-attbi forwarding thing is not necessarily going as smoothly as they had hoped.

I’ll try again.

And I think I am going to make it on Friday.

I’ve met mintygreen! I just thought that song was appropriate

Well, I thought I bumped this, this morning.

Well, I thought I bumped this, this morning.

Ah, I’m buried - my boss came up with a ton of things that must get done today (of course, yesterday he was out golfing, go figure). Sorry I have to miss it today.
I’m in Cozumel next week (wheee!) so I’ll catch up with y’all the week after that.