Possible LA or Phoenix Dopefest in May?

Coldfire and I will be flying into Phoenix April 29th, for about 8 days. We are also talking about doing a drive to L.A. for a couple of days, so it may be possible to coordinate something there.

Dopefest, anyone?

Yay! It’s been awhile. I’m in for something in LA.


Well, I’d hope to see you kids out here in LA. I’ll be 9 months pregnant by that point, so a road trip to Phoenix would be out of the question. Besides, don’t you want a trip to Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles? :wink:

Yay! I’m up for it.

Oh yeah, LA-- totally.

Mmmm, Roscoe’s…

Yes, I miss L.A., the food, the shopping, and of course, my friends.

Since we’ll be in both places, perhaps we can coordinate two fests. But the one in L.A. will probably have to be during the week.

In that case, I’m out. I wouldn’t be able to make it up to LA during the week.

Oh well, next time!

I’d be up for something in Phoenix. :cool:

Phoenix. It looks as if we’d need two fests. Might I suggest Martini’s and Steak at any reputable Phoenix establishment or BBQ locale? Suggestions? My wife and I are building so casa de phlosphr is out. We’re fine with anywhere else. What does everyone like? There is a new internet cafe in downtown that is supposedly nice, and we could include dopers who cannot physically attend…???

I believe it was Padeye that suggested Los Dos Molinos the last time I attended a Phoenix Dopefest, and I’ve been back no less than 8 times since then, dragging along most of my friends and family. It’s among the best Mexican food I’ve ever had, and I’ve been around and had a lot of Mexican food. Great “party” style atmosphere as well that perfectly accomodates medium-sized dopefest crowds.

My buddy and I parked our truck at Los Dos Molinos the other day and biked up South Mountain. It’s a lot easier coming down! But anyway, we met our wives there when we were done and enjoyed a pitcher of their patron marguarita’s then some wonderful tomales and enchillata’s! I’ll definitely second LDM.

As long as the margaritas are good, I’m happy.

I’ve also given up signs forever.

Heloise, Coldfire, whatever restaurant you choose, your dinner will be on me. My days off are Friday and Saturday. I also approve of Los Dos Molinos, So just let me know which day you can make it so we can begin to make arrangements…
For the rest of the Phoenix dopers who come:

… There will be punch and pie. :slight_smile: *
*If there is any at Los Dos Molinos of course.

I look forward to seeing you again GIGO! Are you still working on a comic? Maybe I’ll be able to pick your brain a little :).

Yes, but I’m my worse critic, I realized I had the ideas but I have to improve my techniques, that is why I am back in College for my Animation degree. All that means that I had to leave the comic project for later, but I am getting back to it soon, I will be attending the APE comic book convention in San Francisco on April 9th and 10th.

Can I get an amen?

So, where is it, exactly?

If we are talking about the one in South Phoenix, it is at 8646 South Central Ave, Phoenix, 85040. Basically a few blocks south of Baseline on Central, if I remember correctly.

As a Salvadorian-American, I am not too fond of Mexican spicy food, but the Garlic Shrimp dinner was great!

Location and map to Los Dos Molinos:

:confused: Do they not eat spicy foods in El Salvador? We can certainly go somewhere else if you want, as I know it is difficult to find non-spicy items on Los Dos’s menu.