Phoenix mini-fest, once more with feeling

I was so sorry to miss the last Phoenix dopefest. Probably better I didn’t pass my cooties on to the rest of you but I would rather ahve been there than not. Howzabout a small get together in a couple of weeks, coffee plantation or something modest? How about something different like a picnic Saturday or Sunday afternoon? TLL and I are out of town this weekend but so far aren’t booked too tightly the rest of the month.

Sounds interesting. I like the Saturday afternoon picnic idea myself. I think I’m okay this month so far, but there’s a chance that something might come up later this month so I can’t be certain of anything yet. Got any specific ideas? (And are you feeling better, Padeye?)

I’m up for that, except for the 15th. And I couldn’t make any Saturday events until 1.30, but other that … :slight_smile:

Mrs.Phlosphr and I have a place in Ahwatukee. If you all want to meet somewhere for a picnic how about the top of south mountain? Just take central all the way south, just past Los Dos Mellinos (sp?) It might be fun. We are bi-coastal folk… I have half a family here in AZ and the other half in CT. Just happens we’ll be in town for the end of the week. Where is everyone else from in Phoenix? There is a great coffee plantaion on 48th and Warner if anyone is interested…

Are there no other Phoenician dopers out there?

Of course they are! :cool:

I always wanted to meet Padeye but in the last three meets, one or the other did not show up, so I hope the fourth is the charm!

I second the couple of weeks thing, but I could do it this weekend if you choose.

This weekend doesn’t work for me, but I think I’m open the rest of the month. Of course, having missed the last FIVE of these things due to sked conflicts, I’m sure something will come up to prevent me from attending…

Here’s hoping not.

Hey, I’m up for whatever, whenever!:cool:

This would be my first fest. I suppose suggesting something close to my house South Mountain would be out of the Q?

What do you guys do for dopefests usually? I’d be happy to supply the FAT TIRE!!

Well LadyLion and I are in Tucson this weekend anyway. That only puts one more weekend before the end of the month. Unfortunately I think we’ve got some wedding prep stuff planned on the 22nd so afternoon might be out. We could maybe do something Saturday evening or maybe Sunday afternoon.

Fests are what we make of them. They range from bacchanalian (though remarkably few) to quiet evenigns at coffee plantation. Weather is getting to be nice enough for a picnic so howzabout the afternoon of the 23rd maybe?

Thanks to lel for pointing this thread out to me, I’ve been out of town. This weekend…not so good. I don’t know what I’ve got planned for the remainder…

IMO, Phoenix Dopefests are generally very low-key (unless we want to change this :D). About the Fat Tire, please, for the sake of the dopers, keep it far away from me. I have this “talent” of being able to get drunk off one beer that I’ve been known to showcase at Dopefests. :stuck_out_tongue:

Gee, if I’d known that, I would have bought you one last time…:smiley:

Heh. Of course, that wasn’t really a Dopefest… AND you had a margarita to boot!

Low Key huh? Thats cool, Mrs.Phlosphr and I can do low key.


Low Key huh? Thats cool, Mrs.Phlosphr and I can do low key.

IIRC, Fat Tire has like 9.6 percent alcohol in it. Not good if you are not used to it. But Low Key is good. BTW, this will be my first ever fest, so be nice :wink: to us… Is there an age problem here preventing us from meeting at a pub? Anyone like Cafe Boa? the one in Ahwatukee not on Mill. It’s got a great outdoor deck and the ambiance is very nice. Maybe I’m suggesting too much for my first fest…

The 23rd sounds good, any changes or are we set for this date?

23rd is not a good one for me. It would have to be afternoon or at least after church and the public range at PR&G has a waiting line then. I will be going out early on the first with a friend, probalby seven AM before the range opens to the public.

So, are there any plans for this weekend?

TTL and I are booked solid Saturday into the evening. Let me check with her and see if we have any free time Sunday we haven’t committed. Thinks are going to get hairy as tomorrow marks four weeks to the wedding. Sorry we couldn’t invite all the Phoenix dopers but we’ll have a tight squeeze with 100 in the hall as it is.