Phoenix Dopefest

It’s been a while since the last one, so before it hits 110 degrees in the shade, it’s time for another!

Here’s one idea for times, looking at things from the last few threads: Saturday, around 2 or 3 pm, perhaps April 26 or May 3?

As for activities, the idea of a picnic/outdoor event was appealing, but is it going to be too hot for that in late April/early May? Any other ideas?

OK, this one stays, as it actually has text in it. :slight_smile:

But the other one has style!

lel!!! I’m flying out Sunday with my wife! We’ll be there for three weeks.

Whats the name of that Mexican place on Central, right at the base of South Mountain? Los Dos Mellino’s (sp?) They have Margarita’s by the pitcher :slight_smile: And really good Mexican… Whadaya think ?

You all just tell me the day/time/place (and make it after 1.30pm on a Saturday) and I’ll be there! Both those Saturdays work for me!

Coldy, thanks. If you can make it out to this dopefest, I owe you one!

Phlosphr, that’s great! How long are you going to be here? That restaurant sounds like a good idea, what kind of price range is it there? (Don’t tell me about the margaritas, however. It is not good to mix lel and margaritas.)

Mauvaise, sounds great! However, I remembered approximately 15 seconds after hitting “submit post” that I will be out of town on April 26. I’m available other Saturdays, and if April 26 is good, I’ll think of you all from where I am! :slight_smile:

No way, chica, this is your dopefest - you have to be there! Why don’t we just make the 'fest for May 3rd? :slight_smile:

Oh, it can be your dopefest, Mauvaise. :slight_smile: May 3 is good for me – are you still going to be in town then, Phlosphr?

lel - Yep I’ll be there. The price range of the place is medium. highest price there is like 13 a plate. It’s just good Picante Mexican food. No margarita’s for lel huh … too bad!! But when I have margarita’s I get funny, things tend to take on kind of a golden sheen, and I start telling stories about anything and everything and my wife usually ends up driving home. But I have never been to a phoenix fest, so if booze is a no no then that’s cool too :slight_smile:

Oh, I didn’t mean to say that there was no booze at a Phoenix dopefest. (IMO Phoenix dopefests appear to be a bit more low-key than dopefests in other places, but they aren’t booze-free by any means. On the other hand, not everybody drinks either.) I most assuredly want to hear your stories! I just meant that I shouldn’t be there drinking too much because I tend not to stop at one. Of course, if they’re wonderful margaritas… :smiley:

Los Dos Molinos is about three miles from my house. The food is fairly cheap. However, it is important to note that they do not make MILD Mexican! Everything is VERY hot. Which means that I need to keep the beer flowing… :wink:

As of right now, I can make all Saturdays after 4/26.

Then it looks like 5/3 (May 3rd) it is!

Winnowill - are the rice and beans VERY hot too??! :o

As of today, I can make it.

The last time I was at Los Dos, there was at least one item on the menue that wasn’t blistering hot, but I can’t remember what it is.

Mauvaise, the rice and beans are not hot, spicey wise.

We’ll be there. Good thing as we’ll be out of town the weekend before.

I just called Los Dos Molinos – they reassured me that they do have stuff for people who can’t handle spicy things, like tacos and tostadas. They also said that they aren’t usually busy on Saturday afternoons, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

How’s Los Dos Molinos (map) at 2:00 p.m., Saturday, May 3?

Pardon my interuption, but, but, but, that map is for a place in Kansas.

Did they move Phoenix?

Ah, it’s MapQuest.


So it is in Kansas – curse those MapQuest people for moving Phoenix on me! How’s this for a map to Los Dos Molinos? (If that doesn’t work, it looks like it’s about 6 blocks south of Baseline on Central.)

How far is that from 59th Ave. and Greenway? I just blew in on a storm from North Carolina so I really don’t know my way around here that well yet.

HA! Though she doesn’t know I’ve secretly replaced lel’s map with one of Kansas. Now she’ll be heading to my house instead of the Phoenix Fest!

Okay, I tried to find driving directions but I don’t seem to be able to link to them. Anyway, it’s about 20-25 miles, and most of it is directly down the interstate. (I can’t recall any Phoenix dopefests all that close to your area anyway, although I have missed a few. If you know of any good dopefest-type places near your area, that might be interesting!)

Besides, it’s not the distance, it’s the honor of meeting the Phoenix dopers. :stuck_out_tongue: It would be great to meet you, Cisco! :slight_smile:

PS: MamaHen, I should have known that that map of Kansas was all your fault. Now I’ll end up on your doorstep, and you’ll have to take me in. Ha!