Now that it's about an Arizona/Phoenix dopefest?

I tried to get the ball rolling about four or five months ago but there didn’t seem to be much interest (I think I may have gotten one reply). How about now, now that it’s cooling off more?

I already know of one (possibly two) people who are up for it. Anyone else?
I was thinking the Tempe Town Lake would be a nice spot this time of year, but of course there’s always the usual Mexican place the Phx dopers usually go to…

I’m in.
I"m fine with any place. Mexican place sounds good to me. I’m also fine with a bar. I haven’t been to Tempe Town Lake.

Yeah, this place has a bar…a huge outdoor one too. I don’t know the name of it though, but it’s a regular place, apparently, for the Phoenix dopefests (I’ve only been to two–and only one of them was held at this Mexican place, but I heard that a lot before that one that I attended were held there since it’s so good).

Also, I never knew youi lived here. :slight_smile:

Been here two weeks. 12th street and Osborn area.

Oohhhh, nice. For good or just visiting?

Moved here for good. Hmm, am I the only one who could go to two different city’s dopefests in one year?

Went to the Dallas dopefest in March.

Niiice, Welcome to the valley. Wow, you live right down the street from me, not five minutes away. I live on Osborn and 7th Ave.

The other two dopers I think may be up for it are Cisco and Malkavia. Not sure if they’ll be free for sure, though.

Thanks for the heads-up, Idle Thoughts. My weekdays are shot for now but I could probably do a Friday night, Saturday afternoon/evening, or Sunday daytime if I had some notice. If you’re talking about the place I think you’re talking about it’s called Los Dos Molinos and it RULES. It’s on Central & South Mountain, about 10 minutes south of downtown Phoenix.

Let’s not forget ArizonaTeach, Bosstone, wmulax93, GIGOBuster, Mauvaise . . . there are others but I don’t know if they still post or read here.

YES, that’s the name of it! Thank you for remembering it.

Does GIGOBuster still live here? I haven’t seen him around lately.

I’m free almost all the time for the next few weeks since I don’t start work again until Oct. 13. I’d like to schedule it around the Cardinals though. Sat afternoon/evening is ideal, and any Sunday afternoon the Cards have an early game.

I’m still around. Last time I offered to organize the dopefest, but no one took me on the offer.

As we need some time, I propose we meet on the fist Saturday of October. We need to decide if we will use Dos Molinos or the Acapulco restaurant for the meeting. Or if anyone else has other ideas, please mention any other possible meeting places.

Woo! I’m up for the first Saturday of October, as it’ll be the last Saturday of my 20’s. hyperventilates

You know, there are a few of us in Tucson as well.

I’m not sure I’m up for a trip to Phoenix for a Dopefest, but I’m not sure I’m not either. Let’s see if any of the other Tucson folks pop in and want to drive up - I’ll be a maybe for now.

Thursdays and Fridays work best for me. I work Sunday thru Thursday and get up at 4am those days. Other than that, anything does.

ETA: Re Tucson Dopers. Maybe a compromise in Casa Grande? Anybody know a good place there?

The first Saturday of October would be October 4. I think we might be better off keeping it in Phoenix if we have it that day. University of Arizona has a 4pm home game that day at 4 so not sure what kind of traffic we’d be fighting if we tried to meet in Casa Grande.

I don’t think I’d be able to attend one that wasn’t in Phoenix/Tempe/Mesa or the immediate surrounding areas.

Oh, and any day works out well for me so the first Saturday in Oct is fine if that’s when the majority of people can make it (however I enjoyed meeting DesertDog last time and was looking forward to again–so that’ll be sucky a bit if he had to work on whatever date it was).

Casa Grande? I’ve never been that far from Phoenix in my life, and I’ve been to 11 countries.

Depending on when on the 4th, I could be there. I have plans in the evening (tentative), but am free during the day.

Hi Mauvaise!

I guess I will organize this to get things rolling.

Ok, we can set this then for October 11 So Dopers can have more time to prepare.

As Casa Grande is too far for several Phoenix Dopers, I’m afraid some of us here will have to wait for another Tucson dope fest.

Please mention if you will prefer:

Los Dos Molinos‎
8646 S Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ


Los Dos Molinos‎
1010 E Washington St, Phoenix, AZ


Acapulco Bay Co.
3030 N. 68th Street
Scottsdale, Arizona 85251

One Block North of Thomas Road on 68th Street

Please also mention the most convenient time to set the dope fest for you.

Are lurkers welcome?