Phoenix Area Dopefest?

I’ve heard it mentioned around here a bit lately that the Phoenix area needs a Dopefest soon.

How does Mill Avenue sound, perhaps January 18 or 25, around 6 or 7 pm? There’s quite a few things to do there, so we’d have all we really needed in the area – perhaps dinner and Borders.

Any ideas? Any takers? Any cuisine suggestions?

Either of those days works for me. And, unless we make reservations, Uno’s will probably be the place (assuming we don’t want to wait five years for Chang’s).

Uno’s was nice. There’s also Coffee Plantation there too if we just do coffee, and there are some other restaurants towards the north end – Monti’s, Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza, Gordon Biersch, RA, Ziggy’s (if that’s a restaurant), and quite a few others. I’ve never been to that end of Mill Avenue much, but I’ve heard it’s pretty nice. If there’s enough interest and we want to do P.F. Chang’s, I could go and make reservations also.

If you do it on the 18th, I may be able to stop by. Don’t alter plans on my behalf though, as I’m not yet sure whether I’ll be over for the Barrett Jackson sale or not.

Count me in! :cool:

Both those Saturdays would work for us. Keep us posted.

Funny that P.F. Changs (sounds like a chinese sneaker) is a cookie cutter chain but you have to wait until someone dies to get a table in this town. I really like the food but really. When LL and I went to one in downtown Chicago (the line for the real Pizzaria Uno and Due had lines around the block) only half the tables were full. The Las Vegas one isn’t so bad.

I don’t think Chang’s takes reservations, but I could be wrong.

I love Gordon Biersch. Forgot about that.

Either date is good with me. Just let me know.

Since most people seem pretty open, aside from one preference for the 18th (and I prefer the 18th also, I might go do something on the 25th anyway), let’s say we do this:

January 18, 6 pm (I know it’s early, but with it getting so dark and cold early, I like going with 6), Gordon Biersch (it seems to be one of very few places that takes reservations). I like the idea of a change from Uno’s and/or Coffee Plantation.

How’s that sound?

Sounds like a plan. I was going to suggest Gordon Biersch as well.

I’m pretty sure you’re right that Chang’s doesn’t take reservations. Why don’t we give it a try and if the wait is too long we can go somewhere else. I’m easy, all those places suggested are good.

Sounds like fun…wish I could be there. (ASU grad, now living in Tejas).

Last time I was on Mill Ave (two years ago) my dad and I walked into Gordon Biersch and got a table right away…this was on a Saturday night and we walked directly from an ASU football game into the restaurant.

A new PF Chang’s is going up about 4 miles from me…on an access road next to other chain restaurants like Don Pablo’s and LaMadelaine. Good food, I agree, but I’m not selling my soul for a table there!

Enjoy the Dopefest!

I won’t be in Phoenix afterall, I have to stay in my dimly lit quonset hut. Darn, it would have been cool to meet some dopers.

What style of food/place is Gordon Biersch? any recomendations?

Gordon Biersch is American food. Steaks, burgers, stuff like that. And beer. Excellent beer.

I have to work that night, but everyone have fun!

I’ll be broke, but I think I’ll show up anyway:)

I’m really looking forward to it. Will bring along a non-Doper friend if no one minds.

You’ll be in good company - I’m beyond broke. Want to split a bowl of soup? :smiley:

My non-Doper hubby will also be joining us.