Las Vegas: More People Won Than Lost On Slot Machines Last Week!

For the first time in the history of Las Vegas, more people won than lost last week on slot machines in every casino in town!


I would never have believed it!

Wow, It’d be stupid not to bet.


Don’t mind me…

Interesting article.

Unfortunately, I was not one of them, though I wish I had found your link before taking my wife out to play the slots last night … it might have been a good warning for us. You see, the casinos up here in Elko county are in an inverse cycle this week and refuse to stop taking our donations.

Mama lost most of her $60, then won $42 on the last spin and cashed out - down $18 for the night. :frowning:

I put $20 in three machines - then watched mama play the rest of the night - down $60 for the night.* :smack:

… Maybe next week mama will hit ‘the big one’ … :dubious:

*Consolation: we were playing with $120 of the $480 we won two weeks ago. :stuck_out_tongue: