Last Comic Standing 3


Bonnie McFarland chose not to participate this season..
Wonder why…

This should be interesting.
I’m all about the Season 2 folks.

Yeah, I’m wondering too. Couldn’t find any clues with Google. She was pretty hurt when she lost, so maybe it was just too emotionally devastating to come back. But that’s not exactly the best line of work for someone so sensitive, I’d say.

And yeah, the season 2 folks are about a thousand times funnier than 1.

For a while this was the only reality tv show I would watch. But I had to stop. I just can’t stand a game where the rules change a lot each week out of an artificial attempt to create drama. And you can turn it into a 20 minute show by fastforwarding through the needless dramatic buildups (watching everyone vote, listening to Jay Mohr explain everything…) Plus comedians (understandably) reuse material. So once I’ve seen some of their acts for a few times it begins to get old.

Gotta give that one to Alonzo.

I just hope Ralphie doesn’t get it from the sympathy vote.

If Ralphie gets any votes it will be strictly sympathy votes. He told two jokes that were old as dirt and not even his original material. I can’t believe he got as much of a laugh as he did on that first one.

I can sympathize with losing your father but it’s a comedy competition and he wasn’t funny. Then again, he wasn’t funny last year either.

Alonzo had the best set.

Alonzo was great.

I couldn’t freakin’ believe it when Ralphie told that last joke. Yikes, you could see the cloud of crypt dust around his head.

Disappointed in my boy Dave Mordell.

Contestants I hope make the cut:

Hell, yeah name-check Mike Tyson’s Punch-out!

The mere mention of women’s beach volleyball and at least 50% of the audience knew EXACTLY what he meant. :smiley:

NOT due to the sympathy vote! Having a huge tragedy and then being surrounded by bright lights and a cheering crowd… I can only guess that the situation seemed utterly surreal to him, like a bad dream. Yeah, he probably will get a big sympathy vote. I love him for that baby-elephant in Thailand joke way back in season one.

He has hit and missed with me. I recall an “I have a drinking problem” set from him in season one that was disturbing rather than funny. But I found his material tonight to be clever, mixed with a dash of biting sarcasm. I don’t think I have ever heard the dude tell the same joke twice. He might have, I just don’t remember it.

Feel free to debate these picks :slight_smile:

My favorite of the evening was Heffron. But I disagreed with one of his statements. Four hours on a video game isn’t that addictive.

I couldn’t get passed Dave Morel’s hair. It was bad, I wasn’t even paying attention to what he said, kept staring at the hair.

I thought Mordal was trying out for lead singer of INXS. That hair really killed his credibility as an unpretentious comic.

What I don’t get is that I can walk into a comedy club in the village on any given saturday night and see a show of 5 comics, all of whom are funnier than any of the comics in the two seasons. Except maybe, Gary Gulman. He’s funny.

why oh why did they have to bring Jessica back? She’s even less funny than Bonnie … and her entire routine seems to be “I have a fat face”

if there is any humor justice in this world, she will be sent back to where she should still be by next week

Agreed. She was dreadful, and looked desperate.

Ralphie confused me - at first I thought his tribute to his father was a bizarre part of his act (I’ve only seen him one other time, so I’m not familiar with his style). When he told the first old, recycled joke, I thought he was building up to an Andy Kaufman moment. In the end, he just made me sad.

The guy with the olympics gymnast/pedophile schtick (was that Alonzo?) was great. Also liked the guy (Dave?) with the “cows don’t live in the wild” bit.

Other than that, it was a pretty pedestrian night of comedy.

I also liked the cows don’t live in the wild bit…I thought that was clever. I loved Alonzo’s bit - he is usually good for originality. I liked Heffron’s bit as well. He definitely pulls off the video game player bit. I still like Tammy, and YES - I know that makes in the minority!

I can’t wait to see how tonight unfolds. I do believe Ralphie will have sympathy votes. I would have thought the 2nd house may have been kinder and not picked him out on the first night. Then again, maybe they didn’t know his dad just passed?

While doing “the warroom” thing, Ralphie didn’t seem as if anything was wrong, he was his usual loud, annoying self. When he got on stage, that’s when he started to cry.

That’s why I, too, was confused and like Ghengis Bob (and many others) thought it was part of his act. That was so incredibly uncomfortable. Not much more to say about that.

I missed everyone after Todd Glass, because I just could not stay up any longer. IMO, there’s no reason why last night’s show had to be more than an hour.

Thanks for the clarification! I missed a bit of the beginning and basically picked it up when the first (or second) comic was on stage. Then it makes sense that the 2nd house didn’t exclude him from being picked. How would they have known.

I’m glad I was not the only person who was waiting for the punchline to the whole “my dad died of cancer” thing.
It wasn’t until he walked off stage that I realized it wasn’t a bit. :smack:

Then I felt bad.

After about 25 seconds of Ralphie May, I had to go back and rewind because I thought I had missed something. I had to see if there was any clue whether or not he was serious. I guess he was.

I was wondering – that show was done live, right? Is it possible that the warroom conferences were done and taped ahead of time? It seemed like a lot of bickering and negotiation (not to mention editing) went into the process, for what was only a 3 minute or so commercial break.

If that was the case, it would explain why Ralphie seemed fine one minute and distraught the next.

I seem to remember one small reference to the war-room being pre-taped. Contrast that with Jay’s mention that the war-room “will be” where the teams plot strategy, and you might get the impression that the producers wanted people to think the plotting was shown in real time.

With a live show, the war room scene would be too large a variable. What if the teams took too long? That is the biggest reason I think it was done in advance. Also, the scenes appeared to have been edited. It was made to seem that the conversation of each side matched up with the other, for example.

Re: Jessica. I think it’s pretty easy to see why they brought her back. They all realized that they would ultimately be competing against whomever they brought back, and chose a relative… er… shoe-out. :smiley:

Re: Ralphie. What would you do if your dad (or a relative you’re close to) died and 24 hours later you were marched up on stage to perform?

Looks like the strategy (if it was intentional) worked.

Am I the only one who thinks Gary Gulman has the best sense of humor of them all? His jokes are so much more insightful and, well, just plain funny.

“You know what the worst part about a 9 to 5 job is? The 9.”

Who was kicked off last night? Who got the most votes ( which season got the $50,000 )