Last Comic Standing 7/25

I thought that this week’s bunch was much funnier that last week’s. Bill Bellamy was too funny when he “took off his flip flops”. Also, I was not impressed with Lavell Crawford during the initial rounds of auditions but he was hilarious last night. I am still laughing about his comment “I don’t want to be a seatbelt anymore”. Too funny!

Is anyone else watching this?

The local NBC affiliate had a news bulletin (fire in a local mansion, 8 firefighters injured) for the first 10-15 minutes of the episode. We missed Jon Reep, at least. Were the first comics worth watching the episode when it re-airs?

Yes it is worth watching the first couple of comics.

John Reep was hilarious. “I’m from Hickory where the hell are you from.” I had DVR’d the show because I knew I’d be home late and miss the first half of the show. I rewound and watched John Reep four times. I loved his bit.

I too thought all of the contestants were good. There was only one or two that I was just meh. And one of them made it to the next round. But my three favorites John Reep, Lavell Crawford and Matt Kirshen made it through so I am very happy.

I loved Lavell’s bit when he said, “Lavell why you breathing so hard?” and he says, “So I can live. What kind of stupid question is that?” As a fellow overwieght man I found that statement so funny.

And Matt’s bit where he does his bit about how he can only make two faces he can make, happy and being stuck in a fence. And in the stuck in the fence face he says, “It’s uncomfortable and a bit embarrasing, but I’m going to see a firetruck.” The look on his face and the tone of voice he says that in is hilarious.

I think this is the best finalist groups so far.