last night's "Boston Public" (spoilers)

There is a definite spoiler coming, so if you haven’t watched, don’t go any further.

So, is the attempted-rape victim really a boy? Or was that just a story to get the heat off of the boy? And if she (he) is a boy, did the accused rapist know this? Is this why he kept saying, “I don’t rape girls?”

I had a phone call during the episode, and I don’t know if I missed something that might have given the answers to the above questions.

Overall, I think the show seems to be going downhill, though. Too bad.

Small grammar correction, or I’ll feel bad. The last part of the spoiler box should say: “…girls”?

I don’t think that will spoil anything.

You didn’t miss anything significant.
BTW, going downhill? This show’s been a train wreck since season one! That’s why I love it so!

Oh my god!

I vowed to trim the fat from my TV watching diet and this was one of ths shows on the chopping block. It appears I made the right choice.

Anyone notice that it was on a Friday (not Monday) night?

Fox is trying to kill the show.

They kept the gender issue of the rape victim open. It’s really only the victim who claimed she was genetically male, and as oddball plot twists, that one is pretty imaginative. Actually, it’s only the plot twists that make this show interesting, since it’s hard to give a damn about the personal lives of these cardboard cutouts, though the female cardboard cutouts are quite sweet as eye-candy.

I’m a little annoyed by the endless audience manipulation, though. Like improperly prescribed drugs are okey-dokey if the person taking them is a sympathetic stutterer and in a singing group (which, of course, is of professional quality - this show uses almost as much filler music as Fame did). My sympathies are almost always with the vice-principal, much as they ususally were with Major Frank Burns. If this were real, I’d be surprised if the vice-principal hadn’t resigned years ago, frustrated by the constant hassle he gets from trying to enforce the school’s own rules.

Not really. Boys Don’t Cry had a very similar rape scene, and was coincidentally on BRAVO last night at the same time as BOSTON PUBLIC.

If this was real, Guber would have been warned, suspended, then fired. I understand that the man has issues, which is why he acts the way he does, but how he operates in that school is in no way reflective of how administration actually runs a school.

In the cases of the stutterer and the rapist: first of all, the referral would have been processed and he would have been suspended for 10 days, during which the expulsion process would have occurred (hearing with the school board). After the 10 day suspension was up, he then would be transferred to an alternative school. He also would have been taken off Boston’s campus in handcuffs.

Fellow teachers, did I get that right??