Last Supper lunchbox: Offensive?

Last Supper lunchbox: Offensive?

I just bought a lunchbox with a picture of “The Last Supper” on it. It’s not a reproduction of the da Vinci painting, though; it’s a clumsy, awkward version from an old paint-by-numbers kit. The paint-by-number blotchiness of it amuses me, and I was planning to carry the lunchbox as a purse.

However, my husband, the product of nine years of Catholic school, thinks that there are lots of people who would be extremely offended by a Last Supper lunchbox. He has no objection to it himself; in fact, it made him laugh, but he still thinks that I shouldn’t carry it in public.

I may be missing something, but I don’t think the lunchbox is poking fun at religion so much as it’s poking fun at bad art and at the incongruity of a Last Supper lunchbox, of all things; also, as a fan of certain kinds of really stupid humor, I enjoy the dorky “Last supper, lunchbox, get it, har har” aspect of it.

Since I’m not interested in walking around inadvertently offending people wherever I go (I prefer to offend people advertently, and in a more targeted way, when necessary), I thought I would ask the Teeming Millions: Just how offensive is this lunchbox?

On a scale of one to ten, it doesn’t even register. The few whiny, self absorbed, ass-clenched dinkwads who take offense are beneath your notice.

After you take out your sandwich, do more appear?

I too am a product of Catholic school (13 years) and I’m very religious, but I’m also rather hard to offend. I don’t see anything wrong with the lunchbox and I can’t think of anything that could be offensive about it either. I think anyone who would be offended over this has to be looking to take offence and you can’t avoid offending people like that so why try?

Anyone who would be offended by this takes life… and their religion way too seriously… btw… so who is sitting to the right of Jesus?

That sounds really cool to me! I have a last supper floaty pen–the bread and wine float across the table when you tip the pen. But after many years of Catholic school, I’m very much NOT Catholic.

Even more cool, but of questionable sacreligous impact…

The Last Supper Designer Casket.

Now that would be cool.

Somewhere in the bible ( I think it’s near the front), the story is told of how Jesus liked the crusts cut off of his PB&Js and often traded his apple and milk for an oatmeal raisin cookie.

Not offensive at all. But then again, I am one of the hardest people to offend that I know.

I, for one, AM offended! How dare you have something that I want for myself? Hand it over with all due speed.

Thank you all for your replies; I’m going to go ahead and carry the lunchbox and hope that the people I run into are as unoffendable as you guys are.

HA! I’ll have to try it and see.

I would say it’s St. John (and not Mary Magdalene), The Da Vinci Code notwithstanding.

I got my lunchbox at Newbury Comics, but you can get one at Archie McPhee for even less: Last Supper Lunchbox

lauramarlane, I covet your floaty pen, and Dijon Warlock, that casket is completely fabulous! I’ve never seen anything like it. Thanks, cbtcad, for your reassurance that you can’t think of what would be offensive about the lunchbox, and mouthbreather, thanks for making me laugh.

Speaking as a pretty religious person…

that lunchbox rocks. I want one too.

Maybe you could change the title to The Last Brunch and put little pictures of quiche on their plates.

Your box rocks (in a non-sexual way of course).

It sounds like it would make an eccellent whiny, self absorbed, ass-clenched dinkwad detector.

It sounds like it would make an excellent whiny, self absorbed, ass-clenched dinkwad detector.

Ahhh, would that be a 1920’s style whiny, self absorbed, ass-clenched dinkwad detector?
[sub]please shoot me now.[/sub]

Did Our Lord not say:-

“Hide not your lunchbox under a bushel, that others may gaze upon its neato kitsch coolness”

Well, no he didn’t, but he should have.

That sounds pretty cool. It also gave me an idea.

A crucifix hammock stake. There could be one at each and and instead of nails through Jesus’ hands there’d be rings to tie the hammock to.

If I believed in hell, I’d probably be on my way.

Great lunchbox! This tops my pal’s Last Supper clock. I think most people will be too busy laughing to be offended.

[Minor hijack - for other tacky Jesus gear. Check out the Jesus sports statues. Hysterical.]