Yo Momma's Last Supper

I don’t know what to say.

Link, linkity, link, link, link.

I don’t find it particularily offensive. Then again, I’m not Catholic.

That’s um… interesting.

Was i offended? No. Would my Catholic mother be? Probably. Would her priest? Hell yes.

I wasn’t offended. I’m also Catholic, FWIW. But I’m probably in the minority on this one, for Catholics.

The only thing that I find offensive is that this William Donahue says that this is “anti-Catholic.” Seems just a bit ego-centric to me. Yes, the exhibit is supposed to show that the Catholic church “is not inclusive.” Well, by stating that this exhibit would be “anti-Catholic”, Mr. Donahue proves Ms. Cox’s point, just a bit. It could be construed as offensive, but not just to Catholics, to all Christians.

Now, I am a Christian. I don’t find this exhibit particularly offensive. Christ could have been a woman just as easily as he was a man. Showing what could have been is fine by me. I do think that this artist is just hitting a hot button issue to get publicity, especially in NYC just a little while after the whole “Sensation” exhibit, but that’s just me.

That’s quite amusing, actually. I don’t think it’s anti-Catholic; I think it’s simply trying to raise a point, which is what the artist said her goal was.

Good for her!

To put some of the reaction in context, the Catholic League is a group of professionally scandalized people who wander around being “shocked” at anything that they can–at the remotest stretch–claim to be offensive to some Catholic or other Christian groups.

Basically, it is the Catholic version of Rev. Wildmon with an IQ about 3 points higher and way too much time on their hands.

The two views I have seen (one truncated, one tiny) of the “artwork” are neither shocking nor meaningful in any way that I can determine.

It certainly doesn’t hurt the Brooklyn Museum, of course, to consistently display works that they know will be highly publicized (at no cost to the museum) by the Catholic League.

Can I just say that the Catholic League does NOT speak for all of us Catholics?

Argh. They make things worse for us poor Idol Worshippers!