Last thread ever about my screenname

Hi. This is John, formerly Ai\ Yue- Ha

I decided to get rid of the punctuation, not because of complainers, but because the slashes made my browser delete the next letter in C & P and when the board brought up my name automatically when I posted. (It came up as Ai Yue- Ha and I had to fix it every time)

I tried for Ai Yue Han but I screwed up the mail address (gave a nonexistent one, accidentally) so I settled for Yue Han, which means John.

G’night, all.


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. . . the silence is deafening . . .

This may be a really stupid question, but…
why didn’t you just go with “John”???

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I miss your old identity…

Yer pal,

But to me you’ll always be…uh, whatever that long one was. :wink:

yeah, the one that told me to shut up!

That could have been Coldfire as well, dear gypsy.


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I just wonder how John’s going to keep other people from starting threads about his screen name, just to contradict this thread title? BEG

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As you brought it up, how does your real name ‘mean John’? As these two languages are not directly related (as opposed to say English and German), does your name mean the same thing that John originally meant (whatever that was, not toilet)? Or is your name simply as equivalently common as John? I assume a bunch of different English names mean the same things as each other even though the names themselves are not related. Am I wrong? I have wondered about this for years. Thanks for saving me the great trouble of going to a library to read a book about it. (Well, when I’m at the library, I never think of this.)

–Mr. Ignorant