Last Visited.........?

My routine Monday - Friday mornings when I get to work is:

Read the newspaper (actual paper form)
Eat a muffin and a banana
Read my emails
Read the new posts on the Straight Dope Message Board (my favorite part of the morning!)

I was off last Friday so haven’t been on here since Thursday morning. When I fired my computer up and called up SDMB it said: You last visited yesterday at 10:10 am.

So instead of having a bunch of new posts (opened envelopes), there were just a few and I had to wade through the closed envelopes to find where I left off on Thurs. Not that big of a deal, but I wonder why that happened. It’s happened a few other times too. No one else uses this computer (I’m alone in my office) and I don’t read the SDMB at home.:confused:

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Moving thread from GQ to ATMB, since this is a question about this message board.

The SDMB does have some issues with this, so it’s probably nothing on your side that did it. This also shows up as issues with New Posts not displaying all new posts or going to the first unread post in a thread and it taking you to the wrong post.

It’s a bug in the version of vBulletin that we use, so we’re kinda stuck with it.