Last week's news [Pelosi encounter with parking valet]

Last week I read a news article about Nancy Pelosi having an altercation with an airport parking valet, and now I cannot locate any mention of it. Can anyone tell me where to find it?

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Googling various versions of “Nancy Pelosi parking” / “Nancy Pelosi valet” / “Nancy Pelosi airport” don’t return anything that looks like such a story within the first few pages of searches. (Granted, Pelosi is a high-profile figure, so there are a lot of news articles featuring her.) Do you remember where you saw the article?

Maybe you misremembered her, um, encounter with that student delegation supporting the Green New Deal? Hard to believe if there was actually a valet-bashing involving Pelosi, that it wouldn’t be all over the Internet.

I did find a story about this incident, which it’s a shame I didn’t get the chance to witness. :frowning:

I tried searching and for “Pelosi valet” (on the theory that those sites aren’t going to kill a story unfavorable to Nancy Pelosi), but found nothing like you’re describing.

The student encounter was with Dianne Feinstein.

You didn’t imagine it. Here’s evidence it existed - the article, anyway.

The link to the article is now dead, as is the website itself. Googling it, it appears to have been one of several websites used by a guy to create “parody” fake news in order to “troll” conservatives by getting them to repost made-up stories. However, while the guy’s intention appears to have been to parody fake news, it looks like his “parody” fake news may have been a bit too close to the real thing, and therefore just added to misinformation online.

Nice bit of hunting, Walken!

Good job. Now n5tp knows what websites never to go near ever again.