LasVegasDopefest07 August 10,11 & 12: The Plans Are...

The plans for LasVegasDopefest07 have finally come together, thanks to LVgeogeek, MadPansy64 and kurilla! Look over the schedule and let us know what events interest you so that we can solidify plans.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Friday early evening dinner. If people are interested, kurilla has a short list of nice restaurants but no final decision has been made until we know for sure how many people are interested in an early dinner. As kurilla rightly pointed out “sometimes it’s easier to find a table for four than it is a table for twelve, y’know?”

Friday evening drinks at 8:00PM.
Well, after much group discussion and research by MadPansy64 and hubby, we have chosen the classy Hooters hotel/casino for the opening night meet and greet. First of all, the location is great – right behind the Tropicana Hotel/Casino, walking distance from the Strip. Plus, we envision you all returning home and starting off your stories with, “So on the first night we all went to Hooters…” How’s that for a water cooler conversation starter? We will be starting the evening at the indoors bar, kitty corner across the casino floor from the Comedy mural, and if people want to wander out to the beach bar, it’s just a few steps further.

Another reason we chose Hooters – there is a 10:00PM comedy show with Bobby Slayton only a few steps away from the bar in Hooters. The box office manager offered us the following deal - half price tickets and a free drink (normally costs $39.95 with no drink) for the SDMB group. So, that would be $20 each for the show and a free drink. Not a bad deal. I saw his show a few weeks ago and this self-proclaimed “pitbull of comedy” is politically incorrect, insane and very funny.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Saturday early options:
Catching the early (about 11:00AM or so) opening of **Rush Hour III **at either Palms or Orleans multiplex location, followed by film chat over food and drinks
a trip to Las Vegas Springs Preserve
This “preserve” is located on the original production (water) well field for the Las Vegas valley. There are exhibits for desert animals, early Nevada pioneer life and the Valley’s resources. There are interactive displays. The trails go through the well field and you have limited access to historical buildings, production wells and desert landscaping and wildlife. It is hot in August, so if this is something that you would be interested in doing, bring a hat, sunscreen and decent walking shoes. Please visit website for information
Adult $18.95 Senior (65+) $17.05Student (18+) $17.05Nevada Residents
Adult $14.95 Senior (65+) $13.45Student (18+) $13.45LVgeogeek might be able to buy the tickets to save everybody some money.
an outing to Shark Reef Aquarium in Mandalay Bay
Open daily from 10 A.M. to 11 P.M. Adults $15.95 (again, there might be a reduction in price if one of us locals buys the tickets)

Saturday afternoon:
BBQ/pool party at DMark’s house from 3:00 to 6:00PM
Not all that far from the Strip and we will arrange for carpooling and give directions to those of you with a car. Just hang out by the pool, eat, drink and get to know everyone better.

Saturday evening:
Boogie Knights @ House of Blues inside Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino
Called Vegas’ best dance party featuring live 70’s music!
Doors at 11 P.M. $15 for men $10 for ladies Local Ladies get in free Drinks start at @ $5.00 Must be 21 and older No tank tops or baggy jeans, no cutoffs, T-shirts or baseball hats. Dress code enforced

Sunday, August 12, 2007
TBD - playing it by ear to see if there is any interest for breakfast or brunch.

So far, those who have expressed interest in coming are:

Least Original User Name Ever
Scuba Ben
Mad Pansy
Yeticus Rex

Let us know if you are still planning to attend and which of the events you are interested in so we can make the final arrangements.
BTW, if anyone else thinks they might be able to join us here August 10, 11 and 12 – or any one of those days, let us know! The more the merrier!
We will email you with directions, cell phones and other info as the time nears.
See you all in Las Vegas!

I’ll be there! And thanks in advance for organizing this Dopefest.

Do we have an official hotel, or are we all on our own? If we’re on our own, is there a suggested area for hotels (ex. south end of the Strip)?

The Bobby Slayton web site appears to require Flash. I’ll have to check it later.

I’ll play the Friday dinner by ear, as I might meet up with some other people that day – or late on Sunday.

My choice for Saturday is the Shark Reef. (Given my user name, is anybody surprised?)

As I’m flying home on Monday, I’m certainly interested in a brunch on Sunday.

You’re welcome - and it took longer to organize than we all thought it would!

Regarding “official hotel” - no. We learned last time that you really need to have a large group (100 or more) to really get much of a discount on room prices. Plus, because August is a slow period, you should be able to get some pretty good rates on your own if you make some calls and go on-line.
My website lists the Strip hotels from the south end (Mandalay Bay) all the way up to the north end (Stratosphere - and don’t stay there unless you have to!).
Once you narrow down your choices, come back on line and I am sure one of us locals can help you pick the best of your list.

Oh, and regarding hotels on north or south end, I would pick the south end if you get a good price…but most of the hotels on the Strip are decent, if not outright spectacular, so you really can’t go wrong - but again, Stratosphere would not be on my short list.
At this time of year, you should be able to get some better deals - be nice to the operator when you call for room reservations and ask if there are any special deals - they don’t have to tell you unless you ask!

I think my best price at the moment is at the Best Western towards the north end of the Strip.

It’s something of a gamble, seeing as I don’t think I’ve met most of the people on the list in real life – but who would be interested in sharing rooms? (With me or otherwise - we’d have to start a list of age range, S/NS, early/late night, the usual parameters.)

Count us in for Friday Drinks and possibly Show, and Saturday BBQ. I’ll help man the BBQ, and will be bringing the MacDuff 27 and the Glenlivet 22.

I recommend the Imperial Palace or Bill’s as a hotel. Cheap, middle of Strip and within walking distance of Hooter’s. If it’s too hot, you can take the monorail.

We would! My sister (freespiritisi) and I, that is - anything to save a buck.

She’s 22, I’m 25. Both female. We both smoke. She’s a mid-to-late night, I’m late-night. Early risers don’t bother me because I can sleep through anything. Currently, we’re looking into spending $200 or so on rooming for both Friday and Saturday nights. We’ll be leaving on Sunday.

She and I will look at the itinerary later before voting on the attractions.

Thanks, LV people!

I vote for the Shark Reef!

Just checking in to subscribe to Ye Old Thread…

You might want to rethink the Imperial Palace this year. Lately, I’ve heard a few too many rumors (from reliable sources) about, er, infestations.

I’ve also heard that Hotel Management is doing everything possible to eliminate the problem, but, just in case, do you want a sincere apology & a refund, or a more probably bug-free bed?

I’m just sayin’ :wink:

Sadly, Only Mostly Dead and I will not be able to attend, as we just returned from Vegas on Sunday, but I can defend the Imperial Palace. Our room was clean and free of bugs, if that helps at all.

Sorry for the double post. I just remembered . . .

If any one has special dietary needs (vegetarian, vegan, kosher, allergies, etc) and plans on attending the Saturday barbecue at DMarks, please email me (my screenname @gmail) with the specifics.

Just because I’m surly, I don’t care if you hate blue food. I’m also lazy – Giant Whopping Moral Dilemmas, or finding your Epipen, are a lot of work for me. Telling me in advance will make me happy, and it’s always more fun to be around a Happy Pansy :wink:

LVgeogeek & I are both competent cooks who understand vegan, vegetarian, and allergen issues, and I have a rabbi (conservative) friend to cover my behind on (conservative) kosher.

Plans are for cadolphin and I to get there Saturday afternoon and leave Sunday.

We have animals and can’t leave them alone for too long.

But we plan on being there!

Thanks MP… I was going to post something of the sort but forgot :slight_smile:

What do we need to kick in to help defray food costs for the BBQ? It shouldn’t land on the locals to feed us tourists.

You could send some good whiskey to her brother. :smiley:

I have started a table of roommate requests, so I suppose that makes me the roommate coordinator.

The major parameters I’m tracking are the person’s sex, whether a mixed-sex room is okay, smoking / nonsmoking, early / late night, and arrival / departure days. Please include any other significant information in this thread.

For myself: Male, mid-30s, non-smoker, typically early nights (before midnight), arriving Thursday and departing Monday.

That changes my unscientific tally to 13 bug-free, 7 bugged in the last 60 days. I hope they’ve got the problem solved.

Did you get to play golf?

All such offerings to the House of Bobotheoptimist should, as a precaution, go through inspections offered by Madpansys SO, for his own protection :smiley:

The only whiskey provided will be the aforementioned single-malts, and you’ll have to be at the BBQ to sample them. Rest assured, quality-control measures must be taken to insure, well, quality, so they will be available for testing the minute we arrive.

Buncha sots…