Lateral Thinking Puzzles. Let's do it again!

Six questions, six answers. I read it as:

A living human being? – No
A deceased human being, such as a mummy or a skull? – No
An animal? – No
An artistic representation of a person or an animal? – Yes
A painting? – No
A statue, doll, mannequin or similar ? – No

No to all 4 . Artistic representation but not a statue.



Emperor Hirohito would agree it’s time for a hint

When their child was (legally) taken from them, one parent told the other parent that they needed to make a new child. It is that child that became world famous.

Is the artistic representation some kind of award or prize?

No it is not.

Is it related to the Miracle on Ice?

No it is not.

We have established that it is an artistic representation of a person or animal, correct?

Is it a person?
Is it an animal?

Is it a representation of

  • A specific real person or animal?
  • A fictional/ mythical/ legendary person or animal?
  • A generic person or animal? (such as a picture of a man throwing a discus, representing discus-throwing in general, and not any specific thrower)

Is it a 2-D representation?
We have established that it’s not a painting, correct?

  • Drawing?
  • Photograph?

Is it a 3D representation?
We have established that it isn’t a statue, doll or mannequin, correct?

Is it a raised/ bas-relief image?

  • a coin
  • a medallion?

Is it a non-visual representation? Such as:

  • a song?
  • a story?
  • a description?

Is it an image on some sort of award or trophy?

Not a person but an animal. As for the representation, it is fictional but not from myth or legend and not generic.

He is two dimensional and drawn so no to the rest.

He is not on a trophy or award as far as I know. Even if he were on some obscure medal, that does not affect the LTP at all.

Is it a horse? A dog? A bull?

Was the picture created in
N. America?
S. America?

Was the picture taken to
N. America?
S. America?

Not a horse, dog or bull.
I never said it was a picture. I said he was drawn.

Out of the blue here, but is it: Mickey Mouse who was created because Disney lost the rights to Oswald the Rabbit? The rights were later reacquired though I don’t know if it was 78 years later.

You have it backwards. The answer is Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.(Mr. Mouse is the brother).
Created in 1927 by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks but they lost the Oswald the Lucky Rabbit rights to Universal in 1928. On the way back from that meeting, Disney telegraphed Iwerks to say they lost the rabbit and they needed to create a new character for their studios. The result was Mickey Mouse and the reference to Hirohito and time was about his prized possession - a Mickey Mouse watch.

78 years after Disney lost the rights to Oswald, Al Michaels wanted to leave ABC/ESPN (owned by Disney) for NBC (owned by Universal). The agreement Bob Iger made was to release Michaels from his contract in exchange for the rights to Oswald and all other Oswald-related IP that Universal held. The agreement was literally trading Oswald for Al Michaels.

ETA: OldGuy is on the clock.

Yeah I should have re-read the original to recall exactly which you were asking about.

I pass on starting a new one. I have no ideas right now.

Nicely done. It was a big jump because ain’t no one was thinking cartoons. How did you get it?

I don’t really know. I was thinking of something that was a representation of an animal and probably had to be a drawing. I did remember the story that Disney had reacquired the rights to Oswald and it involved a strange “trade” for a sportscaster though I didn’t recall it was Al Michaels. It was late so I just guessed rather than looking things up.