Latin dopers: Expansion of London's motto

As best as I have seen it, the motto of the City of London is “Dominus, Dirige Nos” which translates to “Lord, Direct Us”. Well, naturally, in our minds (we have neither the resources nor the inclination), we would like to create a T-shirt that says “Lord, Direct Us to the next bar” or “another bar”, but we would like to have that in Latin.

Can anyone help us with this translation?


I think it comes out to be “Dominus, Dirige Nos Ad Tabernam Alteram”, but I’m not going to swear to it.

Wouldn’t it have to be Domine, dirige nos, with “Lord” in the vocative?
And I’d suggest aliam tabernam. Alter is more like “the other,” and alius “another,” as I understand it.

Yes, that is indeed the case ( :wink: ).

Antonius, thanks. You can tell I have spent too much time in the pubs as it is. Thanks to you all.

Oddly, I know something about this. For research I was reading the daily European newspapers from the opening days of WWI. Darn odd way to look at history, by the way.

The Times had a long series of letters that month about a proper motto for London. My favorite was “Let London Lead.” Other proposed flowery lines in Latin or Greek, which were dutifully typeset and left untranslated.

I have no idea if this passed for humor in those days.

Well thanks, but all I did was provide a link – Dr. Drake got the right case and the better phrasing for “other”.

However, in the cause of providing some original content, I’ll point out that the “Drake” of Dr. Drake’s name is in fact an archaic form (originally from Greek drakon and Latin draco) of “dragon”, which brings us full-circle back to the Arms of the City of London.

Outpits, in your quest to make a City-related T-shirt, you will encounter false prophets who claim that the supporters of the Arms of the City are Griffins / Gryphons, or even Wyverns. Such people claim this, because they imagine that an awareness of a level of mythical beast less well-known than “dragon” will make them sound sophisticated.

They are mistaken.

The creatures guarding the traditional entrances to the City are --quite simply – Dragons, and beautiful creatures they are.

[Antonius Block, former resident of the City of London, for whom the Dragons meant “Welcome Home!”.]

I’d always rendered it as “Lord, Guide Us”. (Only applies to the City of London, which is a small area [sq. mile approx] compared with Greater London). The London County Council and its successors do not appear to have had a motto.