Laung da Lashkara: Is this Bollywood in Hindi or Panjabi or what?

Is this Panjabi? I am learning Hindi and understand some of the words but much less than usual.

It’s a mix of Hindi and Punjabi. Most of the chorus is Punjabi, while most of the verses are Hindi.

Here’s a link to the lyrics:


Something about you being more precious than life, and a sparkling heart… something someting love.

A very bad translation, done in a hurry:
This has happened because of your words,
Come whisper it in my ear.
My speech has become silent
Come, listen to what you need to listen to from my eyes.

Argh. That’s an awful translation. But you get the gist. It’s quite a mix, that song.

Forgot to add: Patiala is a town in Punjab, famous for the Patiala Peg, which is referenced in the song. A Patiala Peg is four fingers of whiskey, measured in a glass. Punjabis are stereotypically famous for their love of Johnny Walker Black Label.

OK that makes sense, thanks a lot! What a great song.

I’ll listen to it at home and see if I can add anything, if Dervorin doesn’t mind.

So how are you learning Hindi? From whom? How exciting!

That starts with very desi-London English.

Go for it! My Hindi skills are rapidly diminishing, I’m sorry to say, after having lived in the UK for years now. As I said earlier, it was a terrible translation, so feel free to add anything, or correct me. :slight_smile:

From 3 Rosetta Stone cd’s so far. And movies and songs and BBC Hindi. There is an Indian community here mostly because of the university, so I was planning on finding a native speaker to tutor me soon. And from Google translate.

Well, I totally forgot to watch it yesterday, but from Dervorin’s lyrics:

*Laungda lashkara oh baby tera jaan se pyaara
Oh baby ainwe chamka dil saada
Ke dikh gaya pyaar yeh Patial vi *

“Laung” is a nose ring. So he is saying

“The glitter of your nose ring catches the light and it catches my heart
Oh baby my heart glitters so
That even this Patiala has found love”

*Baaton se teri baatein bani hai
Aake se chupke mere kaano mein keh de
Baatein toh meri, chup ho gayi hain
Aa jo bhi sunn na hai woh aankhon se sunn le *

In talk your words have become more
Come and whisper it in my ear
My own voice has been hushed
Instead listen to the language of my eyes

It’s the “in thing” these days to mix Hindi and Punjabi regularly. Being Punjabi myself, I can’t help but feel some pride in it - but let me see if I can say it without being too smug. :slight_smile: Punjabi music on the whole is very lively and fun, with lots of hard and heavy beats. You’ll noticed Rajhastani music often gets mixed in too, for the same reason - them and Gujratis all have the same or similar “joyful celebration” style as Punjabis.

The other thing is that Punjabi is easy to fit into lyrics because the sound is a bit more flexible; you can have true village Punjabi, more conventional Punjabi, and Punjabi the way I speak it, with a mix of Hindi and Urdu. You can adjust it to fit into the lyrics. My family speaks Punjabi. I can listen to pure village Punjabi and understand about 80% of it.

My great-aunt used to speak true village Punjabi. She loved us very much but her ways were a bit rough. She used to yell at us “tera beda garak ho”! I am not entirely sure what it means but it translates loosely to “Go to hell!” We used to giggle like mad because we knew she didn’t mean it at all. I miss her dearly, she was the closest thing I had to a grandma and always loved me like a granddaughter.

Anyway the laung or nosering has lots of song in India. Here is another one:

Laung da lishkara
Mahi ne mahi maine laung karwada
Laung karwade nag jarwade
Nag jarwade aisa
Jinna chanda de chamkara

“The nose ring glitters so
Oh my love, buy me a nose ring
A nose ring with a gem in it
Make it such a gem
That the moon itself pales in comparison”

And then here’s this FAMOUS one:

Peeche peeche aunda meri chaal venda aai
Teer walyea vedkda aai ve,
Mera laung gawacha
Niga marda aai ve.
Mera lauing gavacha

“You who follow me and watch the way I walk
You with eyes like arrows, do look
My nose ring is lost
Cast your gaze about
My nose ring is lost”