Lauren Bush marries David Lauren

and changes her name to Lauren Bush Lauren.

She is the niece of Dubya, and he is the son of Ralph Lauren.

You know it must be love if she’s willing to live the rest of her life as Lauren Lauren.

So now we have “Lauren Bush Lauren,” having survived “Bush Clinton Bush.”

So does it make it better or worse that the accented syllables in her first and last name are different?

Ralph Lauren’s real last name is Lipschitz. Actually she is Lauren Bush Lipschitz!!!

She probably didn’t know that’s what it would be.

Did Duran Duran play at their wedding reception?

I’ll bet that she married him to get access to her new father-in-law’s auto collection.

It was Lifshitz. And Ralph changed it to Lauren when he was a teenager so I think it’s safe to say that his son David’s legal last name is Lauren.

I foresee a lifetime of “Bond. James Bond” jokes.

andygirl! Long time, no see 'round these parts. Welcome back.

LORE-inn Luh-RIN. Sounds cool, anyway.

Ralph gouged out his eyes with his thumbnails just so he could be called Lauren!

Yes, but playing the bass was Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond. And Humbert Humbert was on the guest list.

David Lauren Bush.

David Penis Lauren

Yeah, they aren’t pronounced the same, and the result is pretty cool.

–though I did think of Rochelle, Rochelle from Seinfeld.

Seventeenth post and I’m the first to suggest that the poetry of William Carlos Williams should have been read at the wedding ceremony? For shame.

And a reading by author Ford Madox Ford.

With musical accompanyment by **Sylvain Sylvain **of the New York Dolls and **Steve Stevens **(nee Schneider) of Billy Idol’s band…oh, and the band The The.

Hopefully no one present will get shot by Sirhan Sirhan.

Special wedding guest: Boutros Boutros Ghali