Layered lingerie?

This picture shows a young woman modeling some lingerie (no nudity but semi-NSFW). The thing is that she seems to be wearing three pairs of panties and two bras. Is this just something the photographer thought of for this shot or is it indicative of some new fashion among young women that I’ve never heard of and can’t comprehend?

That poor girl’s boyfriend is really gonna be frustrated.

Yikes! Doesn’t look comfortable at all! Doesn’t even really look sexy. What guy wants to have to undo two sets of bra hooks?

Maybe she’s modeling the latest in carry-on luggage. Only you wear it instead of packing it?? <shrug>

I can just imagine my husband’s reaction if I posed like that… in multiple pairs of my white cotton granny-panties and industrial strength 18-hour bras. :eek:

I’m guessing every day would be Battle of Thermopylae Day, ifyaknowwhatimean.

I had something witty and inventive to say, but I laughed so hard at this, it all went right out of my head.

Which industry ??



I don’t know about the panties, but I have a friend who does this with bras. I don’t get it. Buy one good solid bra, and it will do what you are trying to accomplish with like, three.

I had a girlfriend who liked to wear thong teddies- not for any special hanky panky sessions, but on a regular basis under her clothes- but always wore them with full seat silk panties. I guess it kept the thong from embedding itself too deeply in her asscrack or something. She said it was more comfortable, but it looked pretty strange when she undressed, I tell ya.

My roommate wears multiple bras while working out. I can’t even stand a sports’ bra. The thought of two is more than I can deal with. Granted, so are DD breasts.

Is this the same girl from the other thread? (link, posts 68 and 69 specifically) Sounds like quite a girl :smiley:

There’s been a fashion trend of wearing two shirts for a little while. And I’ve seen some girls wearing jeans under a skirt. Clearly, we are just taking this fashion to its logical conclusion.

Maybe she is getting ready for a night of “Strip Poker” with the guys…

And people wonder why Superman wears his undies on the outside of his pants…go figure…

Actually, no, but I guess my posts today have maintained a common theme, of sorts. I managed to attract some weird chicks in my single days.

I was at a strip club last night and the girls wore what looked like two bras and at least two pairs of panties under their overclothes. More to take off seductively.

<snerk> Yeah, I know what ya mean…

I know a guy who was participating in some kind of exchange program where he got to visit Japan, but was only allowed one small bag to carry his clothes in. He wanted to bring home a bunch of comic books and toys and candy and stuff like that, so he wore as many layers of clothing as he could and put all his souvenirs in the bag. I think he also filled all the pockets of the 12 layers or so of the clothes he was wearing. I am not sure how he got through security like that, but he did.

Pff, of course not, it’s SO seven years ago!

I suspect the young lady is a golfer. Wears two bras and panties in case she gets a hole in one.

golf clap