League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - The movie?

Holy Cow!

I had no idea this was coming down the pike. Sean Connery and Stuart Townsend? Very cool.

Slightly more info can be found here. I think I’m actually looking forward to this…

Saw the preview for it ahead of Daredevil this past Sunday. Looks really cool, but damn! that “LXG” hook is just sad.

Yeah, I thought that was unfortunate too. I’ll see it anyway, though. I didn’t agree with all the ways Fellowship of the Ring was marketed either (Burger King glasses, anyone?), but it’s still a damn fine film.

Link isn’t working for me. I assume this is a remake of the old movie and not something to do with Royston Vasey?

Fagjunk Theology: Not just for sodomite propagandists anymore.

It’s actually an adaptation of the Alan Moore comic*, which takes literary characters like Allan Quatermain, The Invisible Man, and Mina Harker and makes a sort-of superhero team out of them. Amazing stuff.

Of course, as I understand it, Moore’s book was inspired by an older comic by the same name, which in turn was based on the old film you mention. So, by extension, you’re right… sort of. :wink:

  • Different link than above… hope it works for you.

What the hell are they thinking? Mina being a full-fledged vampire? Tom Sawyer driving the Batmobile around London? WTF?

I understand that if all the fans of the comic were to go to see the film, we would fill four multiplexes on the first weekend. A movie does need to reach a wider audience than that. But I want to see The League battling Dr. Fu Manchu for the cavourite needed to power Aerial Dreadnoughts with the potential to devastate London. Dammit.

Alan Moore is one of the most talented novelists working in graphics. I wish some movie director would actually use one of his stories for the screen, instead of just the title and a couple of characters.

I’d be satisfied if they’d stuck to the 5 core characters. Tom Sawyer would be in his 50s in 1898!

I’ve read that Connery is incredibly unhappy with the film and was on the verge of walking off the set several times. Usually not a good sign.

All the trades have been saying that the movie set was a mess almost the entire time it was being filmed and that the studio doesn’t know how to market this. The original comic was pretty literary, lots and lots subtle literary references.

I mean most people probably have never even heard of Allan Quatermain, or think he’s just derivative of Indiana Jones.

They turned this into an action flick, for better or worse. The trailer is pretty cool though …

Well, I’m betting it’s going to suck hugely. The comic book was great, but purely as a comic book. Transferred directly to film, I imagine it would be a lot like the intolerable Wild Wild West movie with Will Smith. Changed around, still not working for me.

A shame, but I can’t imagine anyone successfully filming this thing.

This looks like it is going to be incredibly disappointing.

I saw the trailer and I thought it looked pretty good, although nothing like the book. Of course, I really didn’t like the book that much, so I’m not that upset.

Remember, though, Hollywood can’t ruin a book, 'cuz when the movie is over the book is still there.


From the man who happily cashed paychecks from doing The Avengers, Never Say Never Again, Highlander II, Dragonheart, Entrapment, Medicine Man and other horrible movies, I am not sure how much faith I put in his taste. In fact, without Bond on his resume how well regarded would he be?

Yeah, and he’s no George Lazenby.


What does “League of Gentlemen” mean in Britain? Is it a common expression? Is it something like the Rotary Club? Was there actually an earlier movie called “League of Exraordinary Gentlemen” that predated the Alan Moore comic?

I found an English movie from 1959 on IMDB called “League of Gentlemen” that sounds similar to “Ocean’s Eleven.” Does the term predate this?

It looks just awful to me.
I’ll see it anyway but I’m pretty sure it’ll suck even worse than Hulk and I’m positive Hulk’ll suck.

To be fair though, alot of people thought X-Men was going to suck hard. It turned out fine.

With Ang Lee onboard I am hoping it works out. Wait and see I guess.

Still will be better then Highlander II. :wink:

Gotta admit when bested.


Is Ang Lee directing? If so, I’m at least pretty sure that it’ll be fun, whatever else it is…