Learning To Love Yourself, When Did You Do It?

In the form of:



12/Living Room/Debbie T., fellow 6th grader/None

12 or so/Bathroom of my home/no one in particular/shower massage

Age: 12
Location: Living Room while the 'rents were asleep.
Inspiration: Dr. Ruth was on TV, and she said it was great, and that everyone should do it. Hey, she’s a doctor.
Accessories: Bottle of Lubriderm, and a Hustler with Christy Canyon’s gaping hole featured.


Location: livingroom

Inspiration: nothing in particular…had heard about it, so i tried it

Accessories: just my hand.

my grandmothers house in Holland
my first Playboy (a Dutch one, no less)
either my hand, or my first “happy sock”


do me a favor and imagine you never read this, okay?

Ahh, what the hell…I have no shame left anyway :wink:

Age: 15 (yes, relatively late…but I made up for it with frequency :wink:

Location: in the bathroom

Inspiration: reading my parents’ copy of * the Joy of Sex *(I don’t know what it was about charcoal drawings of hippies having sex that clicked for me…but it did!)

Accessories: aforementioned sex manual, my left hand (only did it right-handed when I was wearing a splint for a sprain in my left hand), and some hand lotion (had to prevent chafing after all :wink:

I notice everyone except RugbyMan started at 12. I wonder how many people actually started earlier.

Anyway, am I the only right handed person that masturbates using his left hand?(for some reason, i just cant do it with the right…i guess the left has felt left out after all the years of the right getting most of the use ;))

11/my bedroom/1983 Playmate of the Year Marianne Gravatte/aforementioned Playboy magazine and a paper towel.

Well, let’s just make this completely TMI, okay…

I use left, right, alternating, reversed and both, depending on the mood and the day. Though both wit the upper hand reversed (the thumb and forefinger inward) seems to be the current favorite.
Angain, do me a favor and pretend you never read this, thanks.

Note: The above spelling and grammatical errors not caused by anything other than my own stupidity.


-the Management

think, you know what thread is going to pop into my mind next time you come (er…) to a Dopefest! ::snicker, giggle::

Now, BunnyGirl, not having shared I don’t think it fair for you to snickergiggle at think.

That said, what exactly does “reversed” mean?

Not claiming to know, but I’m guessing that a “reversed” hand is with the thumb/index side of the hand towards the body, while the pinky side of the hand is pointing away from it. Seems a bit awkward, but maybe I just don’t practice enough…bit of an embarassment explaining that carpal tunnel, what?

I use both as well. Unfortunately, I have to use them at the same time, as if I were churning butter.

Anyone got a muffin?

That’s right, kids. In Holland, even grandmothers read Playboy. It is an evil, wicked country full of perverts. :smiley:

Seriously, I’m amazed you guys remember this. I suppose I had to have been 12 or so as well, but I can’t for the life of me remember when I first shook hands with the Purple Cardinal.

Dijon Warlock got it right, though to my credit (as much as there can be here), I thought I described the same thing:

and I also mentioned that this is a two-handed manuver (ahemMcCahem).

Coldie, I remember distinctly because I was Holland for the summer and, well, I’ve always thought of the Netherlands as a progressive place, dontchaknow!
[sub]FTR: I got the Playboy from one of my (German) roommates at sail camp in Freisland (sp?) (not to be confused with bandcamp, anywhere)[/sub]

Also, I’ve recently found a much better method for relief from carnal urges, though that’s another thread for another time, my friends.

age: I can’t remember. 13 maybe.

location: bathroom

inspiration: playboy centerfold model that sort of looked like farrah fawcett

accessories: Ok, here’s where it gets interesting. When I was a kid, I had a kit that you could mold stuff with, sort of like plaster-caster (didn’t know about the plaster-casters yet). Being obsessed with my growing member, I decided to make a statue out of it. I mixed up the blue mold liquid to the proper consistency, became erect, and plunged it into the warm liquid. I had to leave it there for a certain amount of time so the mix could firm up to the point where it could hold plaster. Well, firm up it did and the firming-up combined with the warmth of the mold caused my first orgasm:eek:. Needless to say the mold failed since I didn’t maintain my ‘pose’ for the required length of time. Needless to say I tried it again…and again…and again…

10 years old, my bedroom.

No accessories or inspiration. I just started fiddlin, and noticed that it felt pretty nice. Kept fiddlin. Only ejaculated a tiny amount, but that freaked me out. I didn’t know what happened.

But I knew I wanted to try again. :smiley:


Do you still remember the town you went to on your zeilkamp? I know I went on a few as well, maybe we even have been to the same villages. :wink:

[continued utter hijack]
I’ll have to ask my mother when my parents get back from vacation. She would know, while simply have no idea.

FTR: I got my first french kisses there, too, from a 16-year-old (Guendolyn) and later, a 14-year-old, (Manon), both girls in my class. Man, it was great being an American boy in Holland! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: