Learning war no more!

War kills our children.
Learn " The Peaceful Solution".


War doesn’t kill anyone. It’s the bullets, bombs, plague, and pestilence that are typically associated with wars that kill children.

Seriously, is there a debate here?


Err … if they were from a council estate in Crawley I wouldn’t be too bothered.
If they were the brightest geniuses who ever strolled the Earth then either they would have found there niche or learned to duck.

Either way, your nation voted for GWB, Afghanistan and Iraq happened.
American voters agreed with there CIC.
The fact that you don’t is nice.

However War is a necessity in life :frowning:

War is no more a necessity of life than is syphilis.

Syphilis never earned anyone freedom.

Are you sure, because I’m positive it’s gotten more than one person out of marriage.


Not to mention, writing a song using “Ain’t gonna study syphilis no more, ain’t gonna study syphilis no more” just doesn’t sound right.

Syphilis! Huh! Whaaat is it good for? Absolutely nothin’!

The president gave America syphilis and all I got was this lousy post.

That aside I think there’s time’s when it’s necessary, but only in extreme cases of self defense.

Well it’s fun to get atleast.

I don’t know if you’re just being flip here or not. Do you really think that ALL wars are unnecessary? Can you expand?

So all we need to learn to prevent war is:

Ownership -
Respect -
Asking -
Self-control -
Do not steal -

Okieshowedem, are you sure this is a relevant Cite?

Nah, fuck it. Kill 'em all.
Besides, if there wasn’t any war, we’d all be stuck playing Old Maid.

Unless we had many wives.

Welcome to the SDMB, Okieshowedem. I think if you take the time to look around and read a few debates on the war in Iraq, you will find that you are preaching to a large portion of the choir, as it were.

You seem to have managed to start a thread against war, without convincing anyone, and considering the audience that actually qualifies as a pretty significant rhetorical accomplishment.

Read first, post later.


Or another option is


“As war clouds thicken, choke your chicken…”

But if there was no war, from whence would come all these cool toys?

Make sure you check out http://www.masturbateforpeace.com/breasts.html for more. (NSW, link disabled)

I first read the OP as “We kill our children” as a solution. Somewhat scorched earth but I suppose it would work.

And Q.E.D., I am so singing that next time someone decides to play Edwin Starr.