Least amount of posts in Great Debates (with your registry date and post count counting)

Okay, I’ll Paypal another ten dollars to whoever has the lowest “posts in GD” to “Time registered as a member”/“Number of posts” ratio.

That means if you have never posted in GD, but only registered, say, last month, that doesn’t beat someone who has ten posts in GD but registered in 2000. Both post amount and date registered will be taken into account.
Same with post count. If you have only 100 posts total and none of those are in GD, even though you registered in 2000, a person with more posts than that, but who registered later and who has only one or two posts in GD may beat you.

Anyway, here’s how you can find out how many times you’ve posted in GD: Go to search, type in your name in the “User name” box, click on just “Great Debates” on the forum list, then make sure the “Show results as:” “POSTS” option is selected.
If the search works, it should show you how many posts you’ve made, just look in the top, right hand corner, it will say “showing results 1-x of x”

I figure I’ll end this mini-contest in one week’s time. Putting this topic in the Game Room since it’s pretty much a contest-like thing.
I registered in 2003 and I have only 97 (out of over 10,000 total) posts in Great Debates. Does anyone have less than that? If not, I’ll keep my ten bucks, thanks.

Registered in May 2012, 0 posts. To be honest, I took a year-and-a-half off in late '12. Total posts: 14,500.

Yo, Idle Thoughts, your math don’t work. 0/anything is lower than 10/16. So if someone with 0 GD posts out of 10 total is not going to be considered as “lower” than someone with a tiny handful out of 10,000, you’d better develop an algorithm fo some sort.

Well, math isn’t my strong point, I admit. I pretty much suck extremely at it. If someone who is better than math wants to help me calculate which answers are better, that’d be helpful…and I’d be grateful. Maybe even grateful enough to Paypal the person who (first) helps five bucks. :stuck_out_tongue:

…but logic seems to say to me that “Someone who just registered yesterday and has only one post (it not being in GD) shouldn’t be able to beat someone registered in 1999, has 20,000 posts, and only made two GD posts.”
How that can be applied to “finding out who has the least posts mathematically” is beyond me other than just comparing stats.

I have 60 posts in Great Debates out of 7203 total (including this one) since 7/17/2003. That’s 0.833%, for those keeping score at home.

Well, I’m not in the running. Search gives you up to 500 results, and I have 500 posts in GD over the last 6 years, so probably a total of about 1,000 posts since I registered in 2004.

I’m going to bring this up now, because someone is going to, eventually: 10,000 posts in Thread Games shouldn’t have the same “oomph” as 1,000 posts in Who-the-hell-cares Forum.

I do believe you are in the lead.

Who needs your $10 anyway? I’ll open my own casino. With Black Jack. And hookers.

Ah, I was wondering why I had exactly 500 posts…

189/35000 (well, I guess this is 35,001) for 0.54% I’m sure someone will beat me, but that’s the new mark.

While this is a game of sorts, shouldn’t it be in the other game forum? Since the playing, such as it is, is all going on in this thread.

28/5,822 since 04-03-2001. What do I win?

137/44,657 since 5/3292003. If my calculator is right, that’s .00306.

131/11,149 since 12/05. Looks like I’m not the winner but I think that’s still pretty low.

You know what? Screw the Black Jack

Just add 1 to both the numerator and denominator to smooth the data, it shouldn’t affect the relative values.

While I won’t beat some others here in any case, about 95% of my posts in GD are in threads I moved there from GQ. :slight_smile:

1/485 in the past 5 years (3-31-11).

I’d say this was in the lead. : p