Leaving the Land of the Unemployed

I have an interview tomorrow for a full time cashier position at a casino. I’m not at all nervous. Provided I pass the required UA, I will definitely get the job. I haven’t been employed since May 2000 and I’m looking forward to the 40 hours a week. (And full benefits.) I’ll be working swings (4pm - midnight) which means a lot less time here and in chat. Which is actually okay, considering I don’t really add a whole lot. :slight_smile: Just thought I’d share.

Well, I for one want to wish you luck.

Send pictures of you on your swing. :smiley:

Come summertime, expect a picture of me on a swing in your inbox, snowy. :wink:


I have no shame in bumping my own thread, just so you people know. Poor form? To that I say, so what? Hey snowy, it’s not that exciting. Trust me on this.

Knock 'em dead, kid!

Whoa, TP as in Toilet Paper ? Killer screen name!

Congrats on the job, Silver! I hope it goes well for you. [UA?]

Hey, can I get a picture of you and your swing, too? :smiley:

Urine Analysis, Stephen. I should be okay, though. I haven’t done any drugs at all in about a month and a half. (Go me.) And, sure, you can have a pic of me on a swing. You’ll have to wait until all this damn snow melts which, by the looks of things, won’t happen until mid-June.

I got it. I still have to clear a backround check (easy) and pass the UA (easy). That happens on the 5th. Orientation/classes start on the 6th. I don’t get paid for the classes, which take two days. Oh well. I’m not working the swing shift. I’ll be working graves. Fun, fun.

So… Who wants a picture of me in a grave?

Well, what do you think you’d be wearing?


(YEAH, go you, on the druglessness!)

Is that even a word? :slight_smile: Thanks, I’m pretty proud of me.

I’ll think I’ll be wearing naughty, sexy underwear in my grave. :wink: Might as well, since no one will ever see me again anyway. Leaves people with a good image of me.

put me down for one (1) poster size, two (2) 8X10,
and five (5) wallet size, and some of the dirt. (Do you think you could do one also with some gazpacho sort of smeared around on various places on your person?)

And any you have left over on the swing thing.

Is there a form or anything I need to fill out?

yer not gonna charge those outrageous Sears prices are you?

Cuz I’m tryina save money for my first order of Chick tracts…
(and, after some time in myself, i’m prouda ya too-well, 'cept i don’t know you and all, but you know what i mean- and i kin make up any ol damn word i wanna.)