Well I'm on 90 day Probation at work

Today (Saturday) my 90 day probation period started at work. I am now a full time (with benefits) Unemployment Clerk, rather than an Intermittent Labor Clerk. This means 35 hour work weeks every week, benefits, Barfy Burgers and girls!

Ok no Barfy Burgers or girls, but I was watching You Can’t Do That On Television and had to say it.
Now all I need to do is wait for them to offer the exam again (haven’t in 4 years) pass it then I will really be permanent. Right now it’s a provincial position.

you were watching YCDTOTV?!?! I haven’t seen that since 5th grade!!! i love that show!

oh, and congrats on your new job status! much better than going from regular employee to employee on probation :slight_smile:


That’s how I got my job as well (oh so many moons ago).

Started as a temp. Then casual. Then contract. And then I hit the BIG TIME! <snort> (Big time. Working for the Government. HA!)

Anyhow - good luck. If you went from ILC to UC they must like you. :slight_smile:

jujuju I loved that show too. I found some eposides on some P2P that shall not be mentioned here. Kind And Zany All Around what to search for but I’m sure You know what I Mean. Thanks for the crongrats. I am lookinging foward to the orientation on the 2nd where I lean about all my benefits. After that I’ll be able to schedule a doctor’s apt for the lump on my arm that comes and goes. I think it’s just a cyst that needs to be drained but I’ll go anyway now that I’ll be able to afford it.

This job has been a godsend. It’s not in my field (computer networking) but after being out of work and on Unemployment for a year I found out about the job openings though my mother applied and was hired so I didn’t have any time without money comming in. I was an ILC for 15 months and the fine State Of New Jersey had some openings and I was accepted for the perm. position. I am indeed liked by most of my coworkers and the claimants. It puts them in a different frame of mine when they are upset and say we don’t know what it’s like to be unemployed and I counter with I was unemployed for one year, two years ago.

I care about the people I help and haven’t become jaded (yet)